Valorant patch notes 8.07

Since there is no no patch 8.06Valorant was last updated on 8.05. With this patch, Riot Games has introduced Clovethe all-new Controller capable of returning to life. After such an addition, it's not surprising that patch 8.07 is not well supplied. Apart from a few bug fixes here and there, only Omen's ultimate receives a change.

Key points to remember about this 8.07 patch:

  • Omen ultimate update
  • Various bugs fixed, mainly on Clove

Omen update

Portrait of Omen

During the shadow form of From the shadowsWith the Agent update, Omen can now pick up the spike and interact with elements such as doors without having to cancel the skill. With this Agent update, the developers are aiming to make these interactions more intuitive and thoughtful.

Agent bug fixes

About Chamber

  • Fixed an exploitable bug where Chamber could place Marker in unexpected places.

About Clove

  • Potential fix for an issue where Clove's body would sometimes remain upright despite his death.
  • Fixed a bug where Clove's Always Standing ultimate was not taken into account by the weekly "Use your ultimate" mission and where the game details incorrectly showed 0 uses of this ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug where the use of Ruse after Clove's death was not indicated in the game details.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage inflicted to temporary HP by Clove's Boost Kick did not appear in the combat report.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Clove's orientation to change abruptly when neutralised during Always Standing.
  • Fixed a bug where Clove would sometimes come back to life without his main weapon after using Always Standing.
  • Fixed a bug where Clove's head and arm hitbox could be offset when aiming up or down with the equipped Guile skill.
    • Fixed an identical bug when Clove was crouching with the Guile skill equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where the icon for Clove's Troublemaker skill was not displayed correctly in the combat report.
  • Potentially fixed an issue where Clove's Boost Shot ATH would sometimes show total values greater than 150 HP if dropped when activating this skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the transition to be jerky when crossing the edges of Clove's smoke bombs.
  • Fixed a bug where dead allies or observers watching Clove would miss Clove's death ceremony.
  • Fixed a bug where Clove's Trouble-Party could sometimes cause client jerks.

Riot Games is also taking the opportunity to correct issues with cosmetics and ATH. The full 8.07 patch notes are available at the official website of Riot Games. It will be deployed on the night of Tuesday 16 to Wednesday 17 April.

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