The skills of Iso, Valorant's new Agent

Revealed earlier than expected, Riot Games has raised the veil today on Iso and her abilities. This new Valorant Agent is, like announced some time agoa brand new duelist. In fact, he's perhaps the most aptly named of them all, given his skills, which we're about to describe in detail.

Iso's Skills

Coupled shooting (E)

● START a concentration countdown. At the end, you enter a fluid state during which downed enemies you've killed or wounded generate an energy orb. Shooting this orb confers a shield that absorbs a burst of damage from any source.

Sape (A)

● EQUIP yourself with a molecular tile. Pull to throw it forward, briefly making all players hit FRAGILE. The tile can pass through solid objects, walls included.

Contingency (C)

● PREPARE a concentration of prismatic energy. Use MAIN SHOT to project an indestructible wall of energy that blocks bullets.

Duel behind closed doors (X/ULTI)

● EQUIP yourself with an inter-dimensional arena. Use the MAIN SHOT to produce a column of energy on the field, drawing the first enemy hit with you into the arena. There you face off in a duel to the death.

Special feature of the skill: it lasts 50 seconds and blocks the skills of the players inside. If no player wins the duel by the time the skill ends, both players are killed.

Iso should be available at the launch of Act 3 of Episode 7on 1 November 2023. But it's a safe bet that pro players and streamers will have a chance to try it out a little before then. We'll keep you posted as Mandatory players give their first impressions!