HypHypHyp team disbands

It's the big transfer window right now. Most structures take advantage of the the Ignition Series Ignition Series and the various tournaments to identify their future players. In France, the Hyp's team, the famous HypHypHyp, was one of those talented teams who were waiting for a structure to hire them. This scouting have just sound the death knell of HypHypHyp team.

Hyp announced on Twitter that some of the team's players were able to sign contracts, but not all. According to his teammate, LaAw, no organisation is ready to recruit a full teamWords that echo the difficulty of the fish123 players, however ultra efficient, to get hired together.

HypHypHyp team included Hyp, LaAw, Creativ B, PetitSkel and Fearoth. Even if we don't know yet officially which players have been recruited, we can easily guess. PetitSkel clearly says that he wasn't contacted. Since he says he is " also on the sidelines » en citant un message de LaAw, on imagine que ce dernier n’a pas non plus tapé dans l’œil d’une structure. Enfin, LaAw expliquant qu’il va continuer à jouer avec Creativ_B, on en déduit que ce sont les trois joueurs débarqués.

Hyp and Fearoth would be the two players to have found a team. This isn't surprising in the case of Hyp. Captain of the team, he's also recognised on Overwatch League's scene.

HypHypHyp team will still participate in a last tournament together, the Underdogs. A last stand for these fellow soldiers, before having more information regarding the fate of each.