Gentle Mates wins Ascension and earns its place at the VCT EMEA

Against all odds, Gentle Mates achieved the feat of defeating Apeks during the the Ascension and wins its place in the VCT EMEA. It's a meteoric rise for a team launched just a few months ago by Squeezie, Brawks and Gotaga.

Gentle Mates dominated the two splits in the VCL France, winning the first under the acronym SBG before revealing his true identity. These victories ensured their qualification for the Ascension EMEA tournament, enabling them to enter the European league.

However, they were far from the favourites in this competition, which brought together the best teams from all the European VCLs. The whole of the European scene saw Gentle Mates as the weakest team in the tournament, and saw them as the favourites to win. Apeksthe VCL Polaris team, led by Frenchman Enzoto the VCT. It has to be said that Apeks is made up of, among others three former Fnatic and that the team had until yesterday lost just one match since its creation in January 2023.

Not only did Gentle Mates manage to defeat Apeks in the final, it did so by winning 3 maps to 0In the end, the M8 players came out on top, climbing back up the lower bracket and seeing their two favourite maps banned from the BO5. The M8 players hit hard from the start of the final, winning Haven 13-6 despite it being Apeks' favourite map. Ascent was more balanced. But the highlight of the show was winning Pearl, a map that Gentle Mates never prepared during the VCL. This victory therefore represents an incredible performance from a team that looked so shaky in their first match against Acend.

Gentle Mates will be taking part in the VCT EMEA in the 2024 and 2025 seasons. For TakaSHe will also be taking on his former team, Karmine Corp, which he left when it was preparing to switch from the VCL to the VCT.