Fish123 wins the #MandatoryCup

Fish123 has won the #MandatoryCup !

The #MandatoryCup brought together 128 teams, so 640 players from all over Europe. After a weekend of intense competition, the Fish123 team of ec1s, icepaperhands, soulcas, Kryptix and L1NK faced HypHypHyp during an explosive final. They win the €6,000 cash prize reserved for the big winners.

Final table

3rdNiP Mix1000€


The first semi-final was between HypHypHyp to NiP Mix. Although Ninjas in Pyjamas were among the favourites, HypHypHyp didn’t have too much trouble winning the first point on Haven. They accumulated up to 8 rounds in advance by finishing the game on a 13-5 score. Things were more complicated on Split, but HypHypHyp confirmed its victory thanks to a better distribution of forces on the map. They finished the map on a 13-9, qualifying themselves for the grand final.

The second semi-final confronted Fish123 to TooGoodForLan. The ec1s' team has made short work of these opponents who had yet flown over the tournament so far. From the first game on Split, the Fish123 team set their pace even if they just started in Attack on a map that usually benefits Defenders. This superiority was confirmed up to a score of 13-7. The second match onr Haven started just as well and Fish123 had only one left round to win to qualify for the semi-finals (12-6). It was without counting on a fantastic comeback of TooGoodForLan which, failing to allow them to win, has proved that they were brave. Fish123 then qualified for the final on a 13-10.

The Final: Fish123 against HypHypHyp

The first match took place on Haven, with Fish123 in Defense and HypHypHyp in Attack. The fight was fairly balanced at the start, but Fish123 gradually took the advantage. The mobility of icepaperhands’ Jett combined with the strength of his Operator, wreaked havoc on HypHypHyp team. The French also lacked success on different timings. They still avoided the worst thanks to a good use of the abilities of CREA^’s Omen . At the first switch, Fish123 led 8 rounds to 4. HypHypHyp goit back on track in the second half of the game, despite the hyper-aggressiveness of Fish123. It wasn’t enough, however, since they confirmed their lead and ended the game with a score of 13 to 10.

The second match was played on Split, with Fish123 in Attack and HypHypHyp in Defense. Once again, the aggressiveness of Fish123 wreaks havoc and allows them to easily take the first 4 rounds, despite the slight advantage that this map offers to Defenders. The points were more and more difficult to take for HypHypHyp, which still manages to go back to 4-4. The game remains balanced until the switch where the score was 6-6.

Once in attack, HypHypHyp team decided to play as one. They attacked each point by staying as 5, which allowed them to win the next 2 rounds. Fish123 came back as soon as their economy allowed them to buy. We still noted a clutch from PetitSkel who performed a quadra kill with his Omen. The One-Ways of Kryptix, which had already made the difference through the tournament, kept on doing wonders for Fish123.

Fish123 therefore wins the final with a score of 2-0 in the BO3. Contrary to what one might think, the games were particularly close.

Congratulations to Fish123 for this victory. Congratulations too to HypHypHyp who has nothing to be ashamed of. Congratulations also to all the teams and all the players who participated in this #MandatoryCup.

Special thanks to Twitch, our partner who trusted us in the organisation of this tournament.

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