ZERANCE and Atletec secure their place in VRL France

The Up&Down of VRL France were played last week and are now over. After several days of fierce competition between four teams from the Valorant Open Tour and Valar Morghulis, we now know which teams have secured their place to play in the VRL next year. They are ZERANCE and Atletec.

ZERANCE dominates the Upper Bracket

ZERANCE is the team that qualified through the Upper Bracket. They started their tournament by toppling Atletec in the Lower Bracket, after winning the match 2-1.

They were then pitted against only Top players for the semi-final of the upper bracket, in a match that was a formality for them. Indeed, they secured the first map (Icebox) with a score of 13-6 and the second (Ascent) with 13-5. Veqaj The Jett and Chamber were particularly impressive and contributed greatly to this victory.

To secure their place in the VRL, they only had to face Valar Morghulis, giving them a much tougher time than the previous two teams. Valar first defeated Bind 13-5, a loss that hurt ZERANCE. However, ZERANCE bounced back perfectly to inflict 13-5 on Icebox. Their opponents responded with a 13-7 win over Breeze and then the ZERANCE players decided that it was no longer time for fun and that they needed to pick up the pace of play. Ascent was very close and led to an overtime that ended in 14-12 in favour of the Open Tour team. The final map, Haven, offered the opportunity to Babax to shine on Omen and lead his team to the ultimate victory which gave them their place in the next season of Valorant Regional League France.

The ascent of the Lower Bracket

Atletec started her tournament rather badly, as they immediately switched to Lower Bracket after losing 1-2 to ZERANCE. The team had to recover quickly, which they did quite well, as they climbed the lower tree with flying colours.

It started with a victory 2-0 against Amazing, before moving on to a much tougher match against only Top players. All the maps of the match were close, the first one even leading to an overtime. Bind ended in 14-12 (Atletec), Fracture in 13-11 (OTP) and Acent in 13-11 (Atletec) respectively.

As with ZERANCE, Atletec's last hurdle before qualifying for the VRL was Valar Morghulis, which just lost in the upper bracket final. The match started very badly for the Open Tour team, as Valar defeated Pearl and Haven 13-6, taking an early 2-0 lead. However, Atletec picked up where they left off with a 13-p win over Bind and then inflicted a heavy defeat on their opponents on Ascent finishing 13-3. It all came down to Breeze, a card that was very close and which also had its overtime. Finally, after a big comeback both in the Lower Bracket and in this final match, it was finally Atletec, who emerged victorious from the match by winning 14-12.

In addition to getting their qualification for the VRL France, these two teams also won their place in the Valorant French Cup which will take place from 27th October to 11th December 2022. It remains to be seen whether they will appear with the same roster or whether changes will be made.