Zekken signs with Sentinels

The North American structure Sentinels has just announced the arrival of a new player in its roster. He is Zachary " zekken "Patrone, former member of the XSET team.

There have been a number of changes at Sentinels in recent days. Rawkus, the former Head Coach, has just been replaced by SyykoNT and kaplan and now the structure is tackling the line-up. Kanpeki has been fired and ShahZaM's contract will normally not be renewed. To fill the holes in the roster, zekken was recruited !

zekken played for almost a year and a half for XSET. His results for the year 2022 were quite good, as he and his teammates won the NSG Winter and Summer tournaments. They also made top 4 at Challengers 1 and top 1 to Challengers 2.

The end of the VCT season was a bit more complicated, as XSET was eliminated in the quarter-finals during the Copenhagen Masters. Despite this, the team had enough points to qualify for the Valorant Champions and managed to get as far as Upper Bracket semi-final, before losing to OpTic Gaming.

A few weeks after the end of the event, zekken was allowed to explore his options, as his team wasn't accepted in the partner program for season 2023. He is now joining the Sentinels and is reunited with SyykoNT, the former XSET coach. He now joins the ranks of Sentinels and is reunited with SyykoNT, the former XSET coach.

We wish him good luck with his new team and hope to see him make a splash in the next competitive season.