XSET reveals its women's team

The American organisation XSET has announced the signing of its female roster. The members of Nothing2Lose now form XSET Female.

The roster was formed under the identity Nothing2Lose last April. This team is composed of young talents such as artStar, a former professional CS:GO player who won the Intel Challenge in 2019.

Since its creation, the team has shown its talent and has become one of the top American women's teams. In 49 games played, the roster has won 35 times, a win ratio of 70%.

In the midst of the Game Changers Series III NA, the team will soon make its first appearance under the XSET banner. Qualified for the playoffs, the players will face Cloud9 White in the evening.

The Game Changers Series is a series of tournaments that is part of the VCT Game Changers. Unveiled by Anna Donlon, Executive Producer at Riot Games, the series aims to highlight under-represented genders in the Valorant scene. Alongside the Game Changers Series, the VCT Game Changers Academy seeks to reveal semi-professional female players.

At the beginning of September, the VCT Game Changers Series EMEA was announced. The playoffs of the first GCS I EMEA qualifying tournament are about to start. The next session will take place in October. The final stage of this GSC I EMEA will take place in November. Among the French players who participated in this first round, we invite you to meet Chipsette !