Xeta officially joins Cloud9

With the launch of the Valorant Challengers in a few hours in the United States, it was time for Cloud9 to clarify the situation of its players. The team confirms that Xeta officially joins the Cloud9 Blue team.

Relyks, Autumn and Robin (respectively player, manager and coach of Cloud9) clarify the team's situation in a ten-minute viddeo. They come back on the results and the setbacks they've experienced recently.

According to them, the departure of Shinobi for the benefit of Leaf was planned, but not the departure of TenZ. Forced to react quickly, the team decided to call Xeta for help. The player officiated for Cloud9 Korea before the team was disbanded. He's therefore a well-known and successful element of the staff.

Size problem: Xeta lives in Korea. Even if he's scheduled to come to the United States to play with his new teammates, the health situation slows the process down. Xeta will still participate in the Valorant Challengers, but from his home country. He will therefore have to deal with a substantial ping for a while.

Xeta's move isn't the only one Cloud9 is on. The orgnanisation would like to bring together its players and its staff in common premises. This should greatly improve the working conditions for everyone and, by extension, the results of the team.

These steps show that Cloud9 is ready to take the necessary steps to raise the bar. The team has had a roller coaster ride since the launch of Valorant. A better organisation could tip the scales in the right direction.