Wedid joins NRG

After almost two months on XSET bench, Wedid now joins NRG for the rest of the Valorant Champions Tour.

Since the departure of Daps from the Valorant competitive scene a few weeks ago, there was a vacancy at NRG. The lucky man to complete the team's roster is none other than Matthew " Wedid " Suchan, formerly on XSET.

Wedid is a player with flexible picks who can adapt to different roles within a team. Thus, given the current team configuration, it's quite possible that he will replace Daps and take on the role of controller on NRG with his Viper or his Omen.

The Canadian player already has an impressive record on the Valorant scene. With XSET, he qualified for the Masters 1 NA and the Challengers Finals although they did not go far in the competition.

The NRG roster is now ready for the first qualifiers of the Challengers NA Phase 3 which start tomorrow night. The race for a place at the Masters 3 in Berlin can finally begin for NRG!