Wedid benched from XSET

Le 11 mai, XSET has announced that Wedid would be benched until the end of the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour.

Matthew " Wedid " Suchan was one of the first members of the team, arriving in October 2020 with his teammates from Pretty Boyz. Unlike the majority of professional Valorant players, Wedid began his career on Riot's FPS. He is flexible on his picks, playing mainly Omen and Viper, but being able to opt for Phoenix, Skye and Astra for example.

Wedid and his team proved that they were in the big league by qualifying for the Masters 1 NA and the Challengers Finals. However, XSET failed to win in these competitions, finishing 7th-8th each time. This does not prevent them from remaining in the top tier of the North American scene.

While XSET reports that Wedid will be on the bench until the end of the 2021 VCT, the player is keen to find a new team to perform for. Despite being known as a Viper, Wedid says he can play almost any agent. The Valorant native will surely find new teammates in the coming weeks.