Vitality wins the VRL France Split 2

This Sunday 3rd July, Vitality and MAD Lions met in the final of the VRL France. Until now, the Lions had always managed to win against the Bees. However, things were different this time. After three more or less close matches, it was finally the Vitality who came to the end of their opponents and succeeded Sector One, previous winners of the VRL France.

A clash at the top

MAD Lions and Team Vitality were the two best teams in the VRL France and repeatedly inflicted heavy defeats on their opponents throughout the season. Having qualified directly for the semi-finals, they managed to defeat their opponents to secure their place in the final. MAD Lions won 3-2 against Mandatory, after an epic match, while Vitality beat KCorp 3-2 also.

After these respective victories, it was time for the two teams to compete one last time to try to prove their supremacy, and win the title of VRL France split 2 champions.

A harsh 3-0 for Vitality

Hostilities began on Icebox where Vitality quickly took the lead. Despite some great stuff from MAD Lions, the bees were leading 8-4 at half time. However, the Lions were not to be underestimated as they played a very clean attacking phase and came back to score and even took the game to an overtime. Both teams gave it their all to win, and in the end it was Vitality who won the first game 16-14.

Breeze was the second map and it is fair to say that it did not drag on. In the first phase of play, the Bees won the pistol round and the five rounds that followed. The MAD Lions still managed to secure four rounds, but by the time they changed roles, the score was again 8-4. Thereafter, the Vitality were able to break through their opponents' defences with ease, giving them no chance and winning every round. H1BER was excellent on his Jett, and contributed greatly to the victory 13 to 4 on this map.

It all ended up on Ascent. As they say, there's never a dull moment, and it was once again Vitality who dominated the first phase of the game, ending it 8-4. After half-time, MAD Lions gave their opponents a bit more trouble, but not enough to regain the lead and reduce the gap created by Vitality. Vitality won the game 13-8 on this map and thus brought to their knees the Lions, who dominated the standings throughout the regular season.

This victory offers Vitality a qualification for the VRL Finals. This competition will bring together the best teams from each VRL. The prize is the title of VRL champion for all regions, as well as a cash prize of 150,000 euros.

To follow the VRL Finals, go to official Twitch channel of Valorant from 25th July.

Vitality wins VRL France Split 2 - valorant vrl france meta 1 -

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