Vitality reaches the VRL Finals

Team Vitality qualified for the VRL Finals after won the split 2 of VRL France: Revolution. Thanks to a great comeback during the group stage, the team reached the playoffs. The roster has continued to grow, and has recently won a place in the Grand Final of the tournament. Other teams were not so successful, such asAngry Titans, which finally came in 4th place.

Vitality crushes FUT Esports

In the first match of the playoffs, the French team faced FUT Esports, a former VCT team. The match was surprising and suspenseful to say the least.

The two rosters first faced each other on Haven, this was a map largely dominated by the French. They won the first pistol-round and the next five rounds. FUT Esports finally managed to win a point in the seventh round. At the changeover, Vitality had a more than comfortable lead, leading 9-3. Another win in the pistol-round brought them closer to victory. It didn't take long for the Bees to fold the card. After 33 minutes of play, they won 13 to 4, on a beautiful clutch of ceNder.

The match continued on Ascent. After a first defeat, the FUT Esports players were more than determined to take this card, and showed a completely different face. The team started on defence. And what a defence! All of Vitality's attempts to get back on site or blow up the spike were in vain. The Turkish roster is monstrous, accumulating 6 rounds after the pistol round. In the end, FUT conceded only one round in this first phase. In the end, FUT conceded only one round in this first phase. With this considerable lead, 11 to 1, the victory seemed assured.

However, Team Vitality did not give up, on the contrary! Once they got into defence, the French were unstoppable, much to their opponents' dismay. The victory in the second pistol-round was only the first ofa crazy remontada ! Round after round, success after success, Vitality doesn't give up and gets back up. At the end of the 22nd round, the tension had risen a notch: the two teams were equal. The bees' feat was not yet over. Taking advantage of the momentum, the roster still managed to win twice. 49 minutes into the nightmare, the team won this second and final map of the match. Final score: 13-11.

On the way to the Grand Final

In the next match, Vitality players faced off against Case Esports. This team won the split 2 of the Spanish VRL. Since the beginning of the VRL Finals, they have been winning one race after another. The French team was determined to put an end to this series.

With this in mind, baddyG proved to be very strong in the first phase on Breeze. After a 4K in round 5, he gave his team another point in round 10 with a superb ace. Overall, Vitality showed great execution during their attacks. At the changeover, the team led 10-2, and although the Spanish managed to win four more rounds, it was not enough to make the French flinch. In only 35 minutes, Team Vitality wins 13 to 6.

Case Esports did not come to be stepped on and responded brilliantly in the clash on Haven. Despite losing the first two rounds, the team managed to win seven successive rounds. At the changeover, they were leading 8-4. Vitality again took the first two rounds to close the gap in the score. Unfortunately, for the roster, Case Esports had decided to take this map; and so they did. Final score: 13-7.

The two teams were therefore separated on Ascent. Everything started well for Case Esports, which won the pistol round and then the second round thanks to a 4K fromAmbi. Vitality responded harshly by taking the next four rounds. ceNder also gave himself a superb 4K in the process. The Spaniards won two more sets, before conceding three more. Of these three losses, two were due to opposing 4Ks, one by BONECOLD, the other from nataNk. The latter shone with his KAY/O. Thanks to a crazy pop-flash, the player got a nice multikill!

At the changeover, the rosters are neck and neck: 7 to 5. Despite a 4K from Yurii on the new pistol-round, the Spanish concede the set. Team Vitality then took advantage of their slight lead and dominated the end of the match. Final score: 13-5.

With this latest victory, Vitality players have secured their pass to the VRL Finals Grand Final. Case Esports, meanwhile, will face FUT Esports this afternoon (4pm CEST). This match will determine the second finalist.

Angry Titans gets 4th place

Angry Titans had made it to the VRL Finals by winning the German VRL Dach: Evolution. While the roster did well in the group stage, it struggled to assert itself in the playoffs. In the first game, it faced Case Esports. Despite a good performance on Bind (won 13-7), the team suffered two successive big losses on Haven (2-13), then on Icebox (3-13).

Losing the previous match, the Angry Titans were sent to the lower bracket, where they faced the FUT Esports. They lost again to Icebox (6-13), before taking Fracture thanks to a superb defensive comeback (13-10). The team was eventually eliminated, as FUT Esports won Breeze (13-7). Despite this, Angry Titans finished fourth in the tournament, making them one of the best European teams.

As mentioned above, the next match of the VRL Finals will be Case Esports vs FUT Esports today at 4pm CEST. The Grand Final is scheduled for Friday 5th August at 4pm CEST.

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