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The VRL France programme

The VRL France is about to start. This new French championship will see 8 teams compete over several weeks, including the Mandatory team ! Here is the schedule for the official French league of Valorant.

Click here to see the Programme and Scoreboard of the 2022 Split 2.

The first matches will be played in a single pool where all teams will compete. The best teams will then meet in a play-off.

Here is the programme for the group stage:

DateTeam 1Team 2
Tuesday 15th February, 7pmVitalityvs.BeGenius
Tuesday 15th February, 9pmBDSvs.Valar Morghulis
Wednesday 16th February, 7pmSector Onevs.Wylde
Wednesday 16th February, 9pmOGvs.Mandatory
Thursday 17th February, 7pmValar Morghulisvs.Vitality
Thursday 17th February, 9pmBeGeniusvs.Wylde
Tuesday 22nd February, 7pmBDSvs.Mandatory
Tuesday 22nd February, 9pmSector Onevs.OG
Wednesday 23th February, 7pmVitalityvs.Wylde
Wednesday 23th February, 9pmValar Morghulisvs.Mandatory
Thursday 24th February, 7pmBeGeniusvs.OG
Thursday 24th February, 9pmBDSvs.Sector One
Tuesday 1st March, 7pmMandatoryvs.Vitality
Tuesday 1st March, 9pmWyldevs.OG
Wednesday 2nd March, 7pmValar Morghulisvs.Sector One
Wednesday 2nd March, 9pmBeGeniusvs.BDS
Thursday 3rd March, 7pmVitalityvs.OG
Thursday 3rd March, 9pmMandatoryvs.Sector One
Tuesday 7th March, 7pmWyldevs.BDS
Tuesday 7th March, 9pmValar Morghulisvs.BeGenius
Wednesday 8th March, 7pmSector Onevs.Vitality
Wednesday 8th March, 9pmOGvs.BDS
Thursday 9th March, 7pmMandatoryvs.BeGenius
Thursday 9th March, 9pmWyldevs.Valar Morghulis
Tuesday 14th March, 7pmVitalityvs.BDS
Tuesday 14th March, 9pmSector Onevs.BeGenius
Wednesday 15th March, 7pmOGvs.Valar Morghulis
Wednesday 15th March, 9pmMandatoryvs.Wylde

The VRL France programme - valorant vrl france meta 1 - Mandatory.gg

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