Teams qualified for the VRL Finals Split 2

For a few weeks now, the various European HHTs have been completed. In total, 7 teams have been crowned and have qualified for the inter-VRL Finals. These will take place from 28 July to 5 August. France will be represented by Team Vitality, which won the VRL France against Mad Lions.

The rosters in competition

To determine the 4 teams that will qualify for the playoffs, two groups have been formed. Group A consists of 4 rosters: Tenstar, Vitality, Excel Esports and Case Esports. Group B is made up of 3 rosters: Falcons Esports, Fut Esports and Angry Titans.

Group A

VRL Finals - Tenstar
Tenstar - VRL East Winners: Surge
VRL Finals - Team Vitality
Vitality - VRL France Winners: Revolution
VRL Finals - Excel Esports
Excel Esports - VRL Northern Winners : Polaris
VRL Finals - Case Esports
Case Esports - Winners VRL Spain: Rising

Group B

VRL Finals - Falcons Esports
Falcons Esports - VRL MENA Winners: Resilience
VRL Finals - Fut Esports
Fut Esports - VRL Turkey Winners: Birlik
VRL Finals - Angry Titans
Angry Titans - VRL DACH Winners: Evolution

The format of the group stage

Due to the different number of teams in each of the two groups, the latter will have a different format. However, all matches will be BO3, regardless of the group.

In group A, teams will compete in double elimination : one team will qualify via the final of the top bracket, and another via the final of the bottom bracket.

The rosters of the Group B will all meet. In other words, each team will play 2 matches. At the end of these matches, the two best teams will get their place in the playoffs.

VRL Finals - Brackets

The playoffs format

During the playoffs, the 4 qualified teams will compete according to the classic double-elimination format. All matches played will be BO3, except for the Grand Final which will be played in BO5.

In addition, the two losers of the finals, from the upper and lower bracket, will face each other in a consolation match. This one will also be a BO5.

Important dates

As you can see, the VRL Finals are divided into two stages: the group stage and the playoffs. The first phase will take place from 28th July to 1st August. It will start with the opening matches of Group A, namely Case Esports against Excel, followed by Team Vitality against Tenstar.

The second should take place from 2nd August to 5th August, with the Grand Final scheduled for the 5th at 4pm CEST.

You can follow all the matches on the twitch channel of the French Valorant League.