VRL France 2022 Format

We have already introduced you to the VRL format as a whole. However, it is now time to talk more specifically about the format of the VRL France.

As a reminder, the VRLs are the Valorant Regional Leagues, the new national leagues of Valorant. They are currently found in eight regions in EMEA, including France.

How to qualify for the VRL France?

If you are not part of a team directly invited by Riot Games, you will have to go through a qualification phase. Phase 1 started on 24th January and will run until 30th January. To participate, you had to register beforehand.

These qualifications are therefore open to France, but also to Benelux. A total of 128 teams will meet in a double elimination bracket, in BO3 matches. Among them, the eight best teams will play qualification matches which will all be in BO5.

At the end of these confrontations, only two of them reach the main event of the VRL France and join six teams invited by the game's editor.

We do not yet have the qualification dates for phase 2.

After the qualifications

Once the qualifiers are over, eight teams will enter the main event. As previously mentioned, six teams have been invited by Riot Games and two are coming directly from the Open Qualifier.

Five weeks of competition await them, directly followed by three days of playoffs. This format is the same for both phases of the competition. The regular season is played in a two-legged format, so all teams will play each other twice. Once this is done, the top 4 advance to the playoffs.

At the end of phase 1, the best of these eight teams will participate in the promotion tournament and compete against the best teams from the other regions, as well as the two worst performing teams from the VCT. They will then be able to compete for a place in the VCT Challengers 2.

At the end of phase 2, the best of these teams will automatically qualify for the VRL final, where they will also meet the best teams from other regions. The goal? To become VRL Champions.

Dates to remember

Regular season phase 1: 15 February to 15 March

Playoffs - Phase 1: 18th to 20th March

Regular season - Phase 2: from 9th May to 21st June

Playoffs - Phase 2: 24th to 26th June

VRL 2022 calendar
VRL 2022 calendar

Where to watch?

If you want to follow the VRL France, visit the official Twitch channel of the league.

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