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VRL France Revolution 2022 Dates

The new competitive season on Valorant is underway and it brings with it a number of new features including the Valorant Regional Leagues (VRL) in EMEA. Find in this article all the important dates concerning these new links to the Valorant Champion Tour.

Global dates for the 2022 season

The VRLs are currently limited to the EMEA region. At present, 8 different leagues have been created for 2022. The season, which runs from January to August, is divided into two distinct phases , interrupted by a promotional tournament allowing some teams to join the VCT.

The exact dates for each league vary, but the different stages take place over a common overall period . The following calendar is subject to change during the year. At the moment the dates for the different phases for all VRLs are:

2022 Season – Phase 1

  • Qualifications – 24th to 30th January
  • Regular season - February 15 to March 20

The VCT/VRL Promotional Tournament is scheduled to take place from 28th March to 10th April. It will see the best teams from each VRL and the two worst performing VCT teams compete.

2022 Season – Phase 2

  • Qualifications – 25th April to 1st May
  • Regular season – 9th May to 10th July

This first edition of the VRL will see the best teams from the EMEA region compete in the EMEA Final – VRL 2022, the final tournament scheduled for 25th July to 7th August.

Let's go for the VRL France: Revolution!

Among the 8 leagues created for this first edition of the VRL, there is the French league, the VRL France: Revolution. This league will be the scene of confrontation between French teams, but also those coming from Benelux.

Qualification for Phase 1 started today and will continue until 30th January. For the rest of the season, the following dates have been set for the time being:

  • Phase 1 regular season from 15 February to 15 March
  • Playoffs - Phase 1: 18th to 20th March

At the moment, we do not have the dates for the Phase 2 Qualifiers

  • Regular season - Phase 2: from 9th May to 21st June
  • Playoffs - Phase 2: 24th to 26th June
VRL 2022 calendar
VRL France Revolution 2022 Calendar

To follow all the news of the French league, visit the VRL France Twitter page and the Twitch channel of the league. All the qualification dates for the different leagues are available on the official website ValorantEsports.

VRL France Revolution 2022 dates - valorant vrl france meta 1 -

All the news of the VRL France