FUT Esports wins VRL Finals

After Vitality's qualification, FUT Esports players who have earned their place for the Grand Final of the VRL Finals. When the two rosters faced each other in the first round of the playoffs, the French had beaten the Turkish champions. The final was therefore the perfect opportunity for FUT to take its revenge. At the end of an intense and electric match, the Turks come out on top and become the first VRL Champions.

A nice revenge for FUT Esports

In the semi-finals of the upper playoff bracket, FUT Esports faced Team Vitality. The first match was particularly tough for the Turkish team, which lost 13-4 on Haven and then 13-11 on Ascent after leading 11-1. The team did not give up, however. By eliminating successively Angry Titans and Case Esports, the roster made it to the final. It was therefore in an electric atmosphere of revenge that the game was launched!

The French chose to start this match on Breeze, a map on which the statistics were in their favour (73% of wins against only 52%). Despite this, the two teams were unable to separate themselves in the first half and exchanged winning and losing streaks. Everything changed after the changeover. The Bees didn't make the statistics lie. On defense, Team Vitality proved to be extremely solid, even in retake situations. The team won seven sets in a row and thus won 13 to 6. We salute the performance of ceNder and BONECOLD who finished with a KDA of 24/12/2 and 20/7/8 respectively.

The rest of the match was held on Bind. This time, there was no advantage in terms of stats, and this was reflected in the game, as it took 28 rounds to decide between the two teams. FUT initially took the lead, notably thanks to a 4K of qRaxs in the pistol-round. Vitality quickly got back into the race, after a monster round of ceNder and a terrible mistake by the UTF. During this winning streak, baddyG took advantage of the situation to score his first 4K of the game. He was the man of the match for Vitality. Thanks to his Omen, he made many multikills, and finished the game above everyone else with a KDA of 37/17/7.

At the changeover, Vitality and FUT Esports were still tied. The Turks win their first four rounds of Defence. They lead 11-7 at the end of the eighteenth round. Unfortunately for them, the Bees had not yet thrown in the towel and came back to score. Extra time was finally required. Despite a 4K from Muj in round 25, Vitality won. After a final victory, FUT Esports lost 13 to 15.

With two victories under their belt, Vitality was slowly approaching the European Championship title. Nevertheless, the FUT Esports players had not yet said their last word! Determined to take the point on AscentThey were uncompromising in defence. At the changeover, Vitality was down 9-3. Two triple kills byH1ber broke the opponent's Momentum for a while, but at the end of the eighteenth set, FUT Esports leads 12-6. The Turkish players struggled to find the missing point and started to get reeling. The Bees had already managed to win the first game of the playoffs, despite a considerable deficit. Despite a very good comeback by the French team, this time FUT Esports came out victorious. Final score: 13-10.

Both teams then switched on Icebox. Vitality took the pistol-round, then the eco round thanks to an ace from nataNk. The team quickly leads 5-1 thanks to multiple 3Ks from ceNder. However, the second half of the first half was not so rosy for the French. FUT Esports only conceded one more round. The rosters were once again tied at the changeover. MOJJ and his team are more than effective in attack. Despite two defeats after the change, the Turkish team folds the card with a score of 13 to 9.

At this stage of the Grand Final, both teams have won two maps. The title was therefore decided on Split, the last map of the tournament. qRaxs shone throughout the game, but was particularly impressive in the first two rounds. With two successive 4Ks, he gave his team the lead. Vitality took round 3 with a 4K of ceNder, before getting defeated again. Despite their efforts, the French were unable to capitalise. The opposing defence was very much in evidence, and qRaxs continues to rage. In the final period, FUT Esports extended their lead to 5 wins. At the changeover, Vitality only won 3 sets and found themselves in a bad position. The other four sets won were not enough. After 38 minutes of play, the Turkish champions put an end to this final, and won the 13 to 7.

This Grand Final will be remembered for crowning the first VRL Champions. The story is beautiful. The revenge is great. The FUT Esports have become the best players in Turkey, but also the best team in Europe 2022. We can't wait to see what's in store for the next edition!