FUT Esports secures its place in the VRL Finals

The FUT Esports team has reached the playoffs of the VRL Finals by finishing top of Group B. In the first game of the playoffs, it was lost to Vitality. The roster, sent to the lower bracket, defeated the Angry Titans to stay in the competition. The last game they played was a decisive one. FUT Esports made short work of Case Esports and thus qualified for the Grand Final of the tournament.

Case Esports loses to Turkey

The match held yesterday afternoon was very important for both teams: the one who won, would go to the Grand Final, and play Vitality, the other would get the third place. If one could expect a rather close match, this BO5 was not very long, as the match was folded in only 3 cards.

Case Esports and FUT Esports were first confronted on Bind, a map that the Turkish team quickly took control of, thanks in particular to a 4K of Muj in round 2. In the seventh round, when they were trailing 5-2, Case's players broke the opponent's Momentum with a timeout. They recovered and ended the first phase in style, with 5 successive victories. Roxie was particularly impressive in the ninth round. He simply eradicated the opposing team, who were trying a last chance push. At the changeover, the Spaniards were leading 7-5.

Unfortunately, their winning streak came to an early halt. FUT Esports won the second pistol-round and then a second round. After a loss in round 15, the team widened the gap in the score, winning another five rounds. Finally, the map ended with Case Esports losing by a score of 9 to 13.

The next point, played on Havenwas more competitive. Unlike the previous card, Case Esports won the first two rounds. Despite FUT winning the bonus round and the following round, the Spanish team led 5-2 in the seventh round. MrFaliN manages to kill 3 opponents in round 8, and facilitates his team's success in the round. This success gave the FUT Esports players a boost, and they are uncompromising in the final period. With five more wins, the team has regained the lead and leads 7-5. The roster continued to build momentum and soon reached 10-5, including a 4K from MrFaliN. If the victory was getting closer, it was without counting on Case Esports' comeback. In round 22, the rosters were perfectly even. Doubts began to creep in, but the ace of qRaxs in the next round puts FUT Esports in a strong position. The structure eventually wins 13-11.

Supported by Muj, who gets a 3K in rounds 2 and 3, the Turkish team dominates the beggining of the game on Breeze. Case Esports came back to score in the bottom of the sixth inning. Unfortunately for the roster, a new performance by Mujand then a 4K of qRaxs in round 8, putting them in a bad position. In this late phase, FUT Esports concedes only one more round and takes the lead 8-4.

Four more wins gave the Turks a comfortable lead. After two defeats, FUT Esports quickly put an end to the map, and to the game at the same time. Final score: 13-6.

The next match of the VRL Finals is the Grand Final of the tournament. FUT Esports will face Vitality. This match promises to be electric! It is certain that the Turkish champions will want to take their revenge on the French players.

To follow the match and find out who will be European Champion, go to the official Twitch channel of Valorant, this afternoon (5th August) from 4pm CEST.