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Here we are! The VRL France resumes for Split 2 and the team Mandatory must play 18 matches in the first phase of the competition. Each match is plays in BO1 and the team that wins the most maps at the end of the tournament will progress to the next stage.

When is the next game?

As the Split 2 is over, we don't know yet when the competition will resume. But stay tuned to our various social networks. It is not excluded that different events featuring the team will be held.

Where can I watch the match?

The matches are of course broadcasted and commented on the official channels of Valorant and the VRL, but you should know that ZeratoR is planning to broadcast the match on his own Twitch channel !

This is the place to be if you want to offer your energy and support to HyP and his team. We want to see you brandishing hammers, the pseudo-in red!

Our past matches

Here is the list of matches of the Split 2 Mandatory team:

Here is the list of matches for the Split Mandatory team:

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We are waiting for you to raise your hammers with us on the ZeratoR channel every match night!

Follow the matches of the Mandatory team! - valorant vrl france meta 1 - Mandatory.gg

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