Bref and Valar Morghulis join the VRL France

The Open Qualifiers of the Valorant Regional League (VRL) in France ended this weekend. We now know the two qualified teams : Brief and Valar Morghulis. These two rosters will join 6 other invited teams, to form the first French Valorant league, the VRL: Revolution.

Great competitors!

In the qualifying stage, the two winning teams won and demonstrated their skills. In the two finals, upper and lower bracket, Bref and Valar Morghulis dominated their opponents.

Brief triumph in the upper bracket

After eliminating ONETAP in quarter-finals, the roster of the streamer Fatiiiih secured their place in the VRL by knocking out PASCHKA in the semi-finals.

If the first map of this BO5, Haven, was the scene of a close confrontation, finished at 13-10, the rest of the match was not easy for PASCHKA. Determined to qualify, the team BREF proved to be decisive on Icebox and led 10-2 at the side change. After 5 rounds of attack, the roster won with a final score o 13-5. On Bind, the fight was bloody. Despite their best efforts to win a round, PASCHKA suffered a real stomp. Bref won their third point with a perfect score: 13-0. 13-0.

Valar Morghulis at the top of the lower bracket

As of Valar Morghulis won their match 2-0, against KeepYourSkill in the quarter-finals. In their next match, against F9 Hetic, the roster proved their talent by winning all three of their maps in a row.

As with Bref, the first map, Haven, was extremely close and ended with a final score of 13-11. In the match on Split, the two teams were neck and neck at the side change, with Valar Morghulis slightly ahead, 7-5. Unfortunately for H9 Hetic, Valar Morghulis players were extremely strong in Defense and won in the end 13 to 6. On the third and final map of this BO5, Icebox, the F9 Hetic roster gave it their all, but lost 8 to 13.

The teams invited to the VRL

At the moment, only three guest teams have been revealed. The first one is our team announced on Friday night on the ZeratoR channel: the Team Mandatory !

HyP, Jbzz, APO, CREA^ and HoppY, supported by their coach Menegh, are ready to battle, for your pleasure! Get ready to see some great play and support our players.

Bref and Valar Morghulis join VRL France - mandatory valorant team thumb -

Also added are the rosters of OG and Sector One for the moment; the 3 other invited organisations will be revealed in the coming weeks. To follow the announcements, visit the official Twitter of the French league.

We look forward to seeing you on 15th February for the start of the season and the first game of the Mandatory team. Follow all the matches of our team, casted by ZeratoR on Twitch channel.