Valorant Regional Leagues (VRL): The new national league of Valorant

Riot Games recently announced to its community that Valorant Regional Leagues will be launched in early 2022. Eight regions will receive their league, and France is one of them! The VRL France will also be available in the Benelux and will start on 14th February.

As we mentioned in our article on the changes to the EMEA region for 2022, the main objective of these leagues will be to identify the future players who will make the Valorant esport of tomorrow. They will be divided in two phases and, at the end of the first phase, the best team of each VRL will be able to participate in a promotion tournament to try to obtain its place in the VCT circuit.

Valorant Regional Leagues (VRL) : The new Valorant national league - valorant VRL calendar France 2022 -
VRL France 2022 timetable

The French league, like all the others, will be open to all and entirely mixed. This means that the Game Changers Academy teams will also be able to participate in the VRL qualification tournaments. These Open Qualifiers will start in January, but they are not the only way to get your place. The FPS publisher has launched a call for applications and has announced that certain teams will be invited after validation of a file.

However, this route is reserved for organisations that are able to offer a healthy and sustainable environment to their players and staff. In other words, teams that are already well established in their operations and that have financial means, since Riot requires that the application provide a legal structure as well as financial forecast for 2022. If you are concerned by this situation, you can contact the publisher at the email address provided here.

We imagine that the invited teams will already be well known in the Valorant esport scene, but we are looking forward to seeing small organisations emerge. For that, see you on 24th January for the qualifying phases, and on 14th February for the start of the tournament.

Valorant Regional Leagues (VRL) : The new Valorant national league - valorant vrl france meta 1 -

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