VRL France becomes Challengers France in 2023

This was discussed in August, but the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) will change format again. Amongst the various modifications, we find the integration of the local circuits of the Valorant Regional League (VRL) into the VCT, and this involves a change of name. The VRL France becomes the Valorant Challengers France: Revolution.

The Challengers France teams

In terms of form, this will not change much. The different teams will still compete at the rate of two BO1s per week, all over 7 weeks including 2 superweeks.

What will change is the participating teams. While we will once again find Mandatory (!), Sector One, beGenius and Wylde, the French competition will welcome six new teams. The first two of them are Zerance and Valorians, who have proven themselves on the amateur circuit and are already playing the French Cup. Other teams will be announced or confirmed later.

The Valorant Challengers France Revolution teams
The Valorant Challengers France Revolution teams

As a reminder, Vitality and Karmine Corp will no longer participate in the French circuit, as they are joining the Challengers Europe. MAD Lions and Team BDS have withdrawn from the league, while OG Esports has joined the English league.

Note that teams will now need 3 regular players resident in a French-speaking country to participate. A resident is a player who has been legally resident in a country for at least 36 months in the last 60 months.

More at stake with relegation and qualification

At the end of the two different splits, the two worst teams will have to defend their places in the Challengers France against the best teams of the French amateur circuit. The best teams of the Challengers France will be able to participate in the tournament Challengers Ascension which will enable qualify for the EMEA league in 2024.

Agenda of the Valorant Challengers Revolution 2023
Agenda of the Valorant Challengers 2023

The Valorant Challengers France: Revolution should start from January 2023, but the date is not yet fixed. More information will probably be forthcoming soon.