Vitality splits with a part of its roster

About a month ago, Riot Games unveiled the of the teams selected to play in the VCT 2023. These teams include Vitality which will therefore evolve in VCT EMEA next year, after a year in VRL France. Therefore, it was important to build a solid roster, which is why the structure started to make changes in its players.

Team Vitality has launched itself on Valorant in 2021. After several unsuccessful attempts to qualify for the VCT, the team turned to the Open Tour France. They did very well in this competition, as they won it with a 3-1 victory over Alliance in the final.

In 2022, the structure tried once again to qualify for the VCT EMEA, participating successively in the Open Qualifier 1 (top 1-4), the Closed Qualifier 1 (top 3) and the Closed Qualifier 2 (top 4). Although the results were quite good, it was not enough to get an international place, which is why the roster has entered the VRL France.

The first split was not successful and ended with a top 5, leading to the complete dissolution of the roster. ShadoW, vakk, bramz, kAdavra and pm were thanked and Vitality presented its new players BONECOLD, nataNk, baddyG, H1ber and ceNder. This new team quickly made a splash and defeated all its opponents to win the VRL split 2. Qualified for the VRL 2022 Finals, the players have signed a very nice top 2 after losing the final 2-3 to FUT Esports.

Now that Vitality has established itself as one of the best teams in the French region, it is time to face another challenge. Qualified for the VCT EMEA, the team will have to be very competitive if it wants to make it big on the international scene. As a result, part of the roster has recently been let go. Indeed, H1ber, baddyG and nataNk will no longer play for the bees next year.

No word yet on who their replacements might be, but there are still plenty of players on the market waiting for a team, so Vitality should have plenty to choose from. We wish our three French champions good luck in finding a new structure and hope to see them back on the competitive scene in 2023.