Vitality recruits LoWkii and Jesmund

The debut of the Team Vitality on Valorant was not very successful. The team failed to convince in the first phase of the VCT 2021. Changes were therefore necessary and Feqew and M4china were sidelined. To replace them, Vitality recruited LoWkii and Jesmund, two well-known profiles!

Théo LoWkii Téchené is already a figure of the French scene. This former Counter-Strike player and manager at Gamer Origins has participated in many competitions on Valorant. We especially had the opportunity to see him play alongside L'Institut, where he clearly stood out.

Jesse Jesmund Terävä is a Finnish player. He has played in tournaments at many teams, but most notably at nolpenki where he reached the quarter finals of the First Strike.

Vitality hopes to turn things around by recruiting these two players. However, it's likely to face the same problem as before: the Agents and roles of its new recruits correspond to roles already occupied by existing players. And more importantly, the competition resumes in just a few hours. Will this very short time be enough to stand out in the second phase of the VCT ?