Vitality sidelines Feqew and M4china

With the first Valorant Masters over, it's time for the teams to take stock. We then learn that Team Vitality has decided to sideline Feqew and M4china.

It has to be said that Team Vitality didn't achieve very encouraging results in the first three Valorant Challengers. The team never made it to the qualifying matches of the Valorant Masters. They lost against both organisations (including Acend) and amateurs.

It's difficult to know what was wrong with the team, as they didn't go far enough to have their games broadcast. On its side, the staff found it necessary to make changes and remove Feqew and M4china from the active roster. This is usually the first step before letting players go permanently, a kind of reprieve to allow them to find another team.

It should be borne in mind that Vitality's Valorant roster was very recent. It was announced on the eve of the first Valorant Challengers and participated in the Home Ground under the name FrenzyGoKill. The team was made up of experienced players who had players for many teams (eXiLe eSport for Feqew and Purple Cobras for M4china), but sometimes, individual talents alone don't make a good team.

In any case, Vitality still has a few weeks to correct the situation and prepare for the second series of Valorant Challengers. If they want to look for French talents, the players of DfuseTeam are, a priori, available...