Vitality gets started on Valorant with Bramz as captain

During his end-of-year 2020 review, Fabien " Neo " Devide spoke on the Twitch channel of Vitality to announce upcoming projects in 2021. Among them, there's the creation of a professional team of Valorant.

This is no surprise, as Vitality has repeatedly said they are very attentive to the development of Valorant. The French structure event organised one of the Ignition Series tournaments by signalling that they were scrupulously studying the players in preparation for creating a team.

Neo confirmed that players and a coach have already been recruited. Officially, no name was announced that night, but there were plenty of rumours about Bramz. A name confirmed by the website 1PV.

Bayram "Bramz" Ben was the 2nd best player in Europe according to Valorant's most recent ranked play. He is also a former player of the Opportunists (before they became the Dfuse Team). In particular, we had the pleasure of seeing him shine during the Valorant Cup of the Occitanie Esport. He lost the final to Team FeaFeaFea which he temporarily joined for the Valorant First Strike. In short, he's more than a solid recruit to start a team.

It's not known if the team is already complete and when Vitality plans to officially announce its line-up. Probably before the launch of the Valorant Champions Tour, next month.