VCT Promotion: SuperMassive Blaze in trouble

Since a few days, the best teams of each VRL and the last two teams of the VCT compete in the VCT Promotion. Two slots to participate in the next EMEA Challengers are at stake for the VRL teams. For the VCT teams, the objective is to keep their slots. However, it seems that SuperMassive Blaze is in trouble in this tournament.

BIG and SuperMassive Blaze are the two VCT teams to participate in the VCT Promotion, following their ranking in the first EMEA Challengers of the season. Indeed, both rosters did not qualify for the playoffs and even finished last in their group with 0 win and 5 losses.

As VCT teams, SMB and BIG were exempted from the group stage. They were therefore directly qualified for the semi-finals of the event. After several days of fierce competition, it was finally FOKUS and Anonymo Esports who have qualified to compete against them.

SuperMassive Blaze in turmoil

While BIG won their match 2-0 against Anonymo Esports, this was not the case for SMB who lost 0-2 to FOKUS. The Turkish team was first forced to forfeit on Ascent, the first map of the match, because one of his players was not ready at the beginning of the match.

According to the competition organisers, the team had violated rule 7.2.2 of the VCT regulations. After a ten-minute wait, SuperMassive Blaze was forced to withdraw from the first match. This led to numerous protests on Twitter, forcing the general manager of the structure, Atahan Dikmen, to intervene. He made it clear that Riot Games' decision was not unfair and should be respected.

Following this incident, the SMB players then lost 13-6 to Haven. Although they fought well, they could not do anything against their opponents and in particular against JUGi and vong who were monstrous throughout the match.

SuperMassiveBlaze has therefore switched to Lower Bracket and is now on the brink of collapse. Their next game is scheduled for 7th April at 4pm (GTM) against Rebels Gaming. If the team loses this match, they will have to go through the qualifying rounds again if they hope to participate in the next EMEA Challengers. To get back into the VCT, the players will have to win their next three matches. We wish them good luck!