VCT Promotion: BIG and FOKUS qualify for Challengers 2 EMEA

After several days of competition, the VCT Promotion ended on Saturday 9th April. The stakes were high as two qualifications for the Challengers 2 EMEA were up for grabs. BIG was able to retain its place in the VCT and will return with FOKUS, a German team which until now has been playing in the VRL.

The VCT Promotion saw the best teams from each VRL compete against the two worst performing teams from the VCT, namely BIG and SuperMassive Blaze. The latter has quickly found itself in trouble in the tournament and dropped to the lower bracket after losing 0-2 to FOKUS. They were then eliminated from the tournament by Rebels Gaming and were relegated to the Turkish Regional League.


The two teams met in the Upper Bracket final. This final was to determine which team would earn a spot in the Challengers 2 EMEA and which would go on to the lower bracket to face Surreal Esports. In great shape since the beginning of the tournament, having conceded only one map, the FOKUS players have once again shown that they deserve their place in VCT.

The match started on Bind and FOKUS quickly opened the scoring by winning the first three rounds. However, BIG was not to be buried just yet, as the German roster managed to secure the next four rounds. Nevertheless, by the time half-time arrived, the score was 8-4 in favour of FOKUS. Led by YaBoiLewis and JUGi, they showed exemplary defense. Once on the attack, the players were able to maintain their lead and seal the deal 13-5.

On FractureThe VRL team quickly took a comfortable lead, winning the first six rounds. Although they conceded a few afterwards, they were once again leading 8-4 when the role change came. In contrast to the previous game, BIG showed more response in this second phase of play. Of the ten rounds played, the team won five. However, this was not enough to win the game and it was FOKUS who came out on top. 13-9. This time we salute the hard work of vong and JUGiwho have made a significant contribution to the team's performance.

At the end of the match, it was FOKUS who qualified for Challengers 2 EMEA and BIG who moved to the lower bracket to face Surreal Esports.

BIG VS Surreal Esports

This was the last match for the VCT Promotion, the last chance for BIG or Surreal Esports to qualify for the next Challengers.

The match started on Bind and was immediately very close, the score being 6-6 at the end of the first phase of play. After side change, Surreal found it harder to hold off BIG. Although the team won four rounds, they also conceded seven, giving the German team their first win with a score of 13-10.

On Icebox, Surreal's players struggled to get past their opponents' defenses and were quickly outplayed. At half time, BIG were leading 10-2 and many thought that they had already won the game. However, once the team went on the attack, they were far less successful. The Surreal won the first seven rounds of the second phase of play, led by Masic on his Jett. Unfortunately this was not enough as BIG managed to secure the last three rounds. They were thus able to win this second map 13-9.

Fracture was the third and final map of the match. Like Bind, it was very close and the players fought the rounds relentlessly. Although BIG was leading 8-4 at half time, Surreal fought to the end and won the second phase of play 6-5, after several triple kills fromAlfajer and jeyj7y. Nevertheless, BIG was more dominant and we must underline the great performance of Twisten who allowed the team to win this last map 13-10.

BIG won the lower bracket final and will thus regain its place in the VCT.

At the end of this VCT Promotion, BIG and FOKUS are the two qualified teams for the Challengers 2 EMEA. The others will return to play in their respective leagues to try to win the second split and thus enter the final tournament of the season which will crown the best team of all the VRLs.