VCT Game Changers EMEA: The All-in tournament will not be mixed after all

Less than a week ago, Riot announced that the second tournament of the Game Changers EMEA would feature mixed teams. Today, we learn that the All-in tournament will once again be women-only.

On 3rd October, the announcement of the mixed-gender All-in tournament caused some discontent in the community. On Twitter, many welcomed the initiative but explained that this decision came far too early an that the Valorant women's ecosystem had not yet had time to develop.

In the rule update tweet, Riot agreed that it was too early to make such a transition. As we explained in a previous article, there has only been one Game Changers tournament in Europe so far. Even though the tournament has been around for a little longer on the other side of the Atlantic, this is still not enough and it will be a while before the competition is opened up to mixed teams.

Following this announcement, Riot has been widely thanked by the community. This is very good news to see that the players and the public have been heard and their opinions taken into account!