VCT Game Changers EMEA : Tenstar Nova remporte la première édition

Yesterday, the first tournament of the VCT Game Changers EMEA came to an end! After a week of competition, the players of Tenstar Nova finally won the final against Rix.GG Lightning on a score of 3 to 1. Back to the final of the first women-only competition in the EMEA region.

French women on top of Europe

Despite the fact that the Game Changers was the first women's competition in the VCT EMEA, this final was not the first time that the two teams faced each other. Indeed, they had already faced each other recently at the Women in Games – Community Cup, where the BO1 ended with Rix.GG Lightning winning 13-4 on Icebox. Not a very confident start for Tenstar Nova, but that didn't stop them from shining during this final match of the tournament.

The two teams started by playing each other on Ascent. The frantic attacks of Tenstar's French team got the better of Rix.GG Lightning in a flash, who only managed to take 3 points on this first map.

The second and third maps were much tighter. On Bind, it took no less than 34 rounds for Tenstar Nova and Rix.GG Lightning to break the tie. In the end, the latter team won, thanks in particular to Noia and 6sonya, who played Skye and Sova respectively. Rix.GG then came back on score in this final.

The rest of the BO5 took place on Breeze. Once again, neither team had a clear advantage over the other, but on both sides, there were some weaknesses in the defensive phase. However, Tenstar players were a little better than their opponents on this point, which allowed them to get their second point of the game. However, Padge (Rix.GG) performed very well and finished the game with a KDA of 33/16/5.

The fourth and final map of the final, Haven, was particularly fast and finished in less than 30 minutes. Once again, Tenstar Nova proved to be very effective in the attack phase, thanks to a devastating Cla / Nelo duo, who scored almost 40 kills in 15 rounds.

The French team Tenstar Nova won this first Game Changers EMEA and the cashprize of 8.000€. GG to them!

The All In, the second tournament of the VCT Game Changers EMEA

Now that the first Game Changers EMEA is over, what's next? The answer: the All In tournament.

This competition will have a similar format to the first edition, with a few exceptions. To enter a team, it will be necessary to have at least 3 women. Rosters will no longer have to be exclusively feminine.

While this may seem to go against the grain of the Game Changers and only look like a way to gather more teams, it should be remembered that the ultimate goal of these tournaments is to have more diversity in the Valorant's competitive environment, as Alexandra LePlante, Event Manager at Riot Games, said: 

However, ultimately we would love to see enough diversity within the wider competitive VALORANT ecosystem in years to come, that we no longer need programmes like VCT Game Changers.

Alexandra LePlante, Event Manager at Riot Games

However, it may be early to introduce these rules in Europe as there has only been one tournament played, unlike on the other side of the Atlantic where Game Changers have been present for over 6 months. We'll have to see the feedback from the players concerned at the end of this second edition to see if this change is premature or not.

The VCT Game Changers EMEA – All In will take place from 25th to 31st October, with an unchanged cash prize of €20.000 in total. You can register by clicking here.