Valorant Masters 1 Reykjavik 2022 - Follow-up of the competition

The Valorant Masters 1 is the world's leading 2022 VCT. It takes place in Reykjavik, in Iceland, where the Masters 2 and Valorant Champions were held last year. It will take place from 10th April to 24th April 2022 and will bring together the best teams from each region.

To everyone's surprise, the current world champions, Acend will not be participating in the Masters. Indeed, the team finished on a top 9-10 in the first EMEA Challengers, a result insufficient to even qualify for the playoffs.

The teams will share a cashprize for the time being undetermined. They will also all get a number of VCT points according to their ranking. These points will be crucial to qualify for the final event of the year: the Valorant Champions.

How to follow the Masters 1

The Masters 1 Reykjavik will be broadcast in all languages and mainly on Twitch. To follow the competition in English or French on the official streams, go here:

Official stream (EN) - Official stream (FR)

Masters 1 Programme

Masters 1 2022 calendar

Last year, sixteen teams qualified for each Masters. This year, they are twelve in number, and only eight of them are in the group stage. The other four are directly qualified for the playoffs. As a result, the format is much lighter and there are far fewer matches to play.

All matches will be played in BO3, except for the Lower Bracket Final and the Grand Final which will be played in BO5.

Group phase score table

Group A
DRX2 - 0
Ninjas in Pyjamas1 - 2
Fnatic0 - 2
Group B
Team Liquid2 - 0
OpTic Gaming2 - 1
KRÜ Esports0 - 2

Masters 1 results

Day 1

10 April - 5pm (CEST)
Group A
10 April - 8pm (CEST)
Group B
KRÜ Esports0 - 2Team Liquid
10 April - 23:00 (CEST)
Group B
OpTic Gaming0 - 2XERXIA

DRX against ZETA DIVISION, this was the match that opened this Masters. Led by Mako, the Koreans gave the Japanese no chance. They were exemplary and beat them 13-2 on Icebox and 13-3 on Haven.

On the side of Team Liquid and KRÜ Esports, the Europeans easily won Fracture 13-5, but had a much harder time beating the Chileans on Ascent. They still won the second map 16-14.

XERXIA against OpTic Gaming was the last match of the first day. Both maps were very close, but in the end it was the Thai who won 13-10 on Icebox and then 13-10 on Ascent.

Day 2

11 April - 7pm (CEST)
Group A
Fnatic0 - 2Ninjas in Pyjamas
11 April - 22:00 (CEST)
Group B
Team Liquid2 - 1XERXIA

This second day of the Masters started with a match Fnatic against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Europeans were somewhat mauled by the Brazilian team. Despite a good performance by Fearoth, they had difficulty winning rounds. They finally lost 13-7 on Ascent and 13-8 on Split.

Team Liquid against XERXIA is the first match of the Masters that does not end in 2-0. While Split, the first map, was won easily 13-7 by Liquid, the next two were much closer. XERXIA secured Icebox 13-11 and fought fiercely to try and win on Ascent. Unfortunately, this last map ended 17-15 in favour of Liquid and closed the match. The Europeans are therefore the first to qualify for the playoffs.

Day 3

12 April - 5pm (CEST)
Group A
DRX2 - 0Ninjas in Pyjamas
12 April - 8pm (CEST)
Group B
KRÜ Esports0 - 2OpTic Gaming
12 April - 23:00 (CEST)
Group A

The DRX seem to be in great shape for this Masters and once again beat their opponents quite easily. Icebox ended 13-4 and Breeze 13-8. The Koreans did not let the Ninjas in Pyjamas breathe for a second. They got their playoff qualification and will face Paper Rex on 15th April at 7pm.

The encounter OpTic Gaming/KRÜ Esports was played out fairly quickly. The Americans won Bind 13-5 and then Ascent 13-10. The KRÜ Esports players put up a good fight, but it wasn't enough.

The day ended with a match ZETA DIVISION against Fnatic. Like the previous matches, this one ended 2-0 in favour of ZETA. Fracture was won 13-7 and Icebox 13-11, thanks in particular to the hard work of Laz and SugarZ3ro.

Day 4

13 April - 7pm (CEST)
Group B
XERXIA0 - 2OpTic Gaming
13 April - 22:00 (CEST)
Group A
Ninjas in Pyjamas1 - 2ZETA DIVISION

At the end of day 4, we now know all the teams qualified for the playoffs and they are ZETA DIVISION, Team Liquid, DRX and OpTic Gaming. They will join G2 Esports, LOUD, Paper Rex and The Guard.

OpTic Gaming was able to hold its own against XERXIA, all the players put in a very good performance, in particular Victor and yay. They won Fracture 13-9 and Haven 13-6. They have secured their place in the playoffs and will face The Guard on 15th April at 10pm.

The last match of this group sentence was played between Ninjas in Pyjamas and ZETA DIVISION. The latter conceded Split, the first card, with a score of 13-6. But they quickly recovered and, despite some close contests, they went on to win Icebox 13-10 and Fracture 14-12. They now have the last available playoff spot and will face G2 Esports on 14th April at 7pm.

Day 5

14 April - 7pm (CEST)
Upper Bracket - Quarter Finals
G2 Esports2 - 0ZETA DIVISION
14 April - 22:00 (CEST)
Upper Bracket - Quarter Finals
Team Liquid1 - 2LOUD

G2 Esports and LOUD were among the teams to be exempted from the group stage. In their first match, both rosters made an explosive entry into the competition and both booked their place in the semi-finals.

G2 Esports faced ZETA DIVISION and the latter struggled to keep up with the Europeans. They lost 13-7 on Split, then 13-10 on Bind. We note here a great performance by m1xwell and hoody.

The match between Team Liquid at LOUD was more competitive and was played in three maps. LOUD won the first one, Icebox in 13-10. However, the team then suffered a heavy defeat as they were beaten 13-3 on Haven. However, the team did not give up and accelerated their game on Ascent to seal the 13-10 map and win their place in the semi-finals.

G2 Esports and LOUD will therefore face each other on 17th April at 7pm.

Day 6

15 April - 7pm (CEST)
Upper Bracket - Quarter Finals
Paper Rex1 - 2DRX
15 April - 22:00 (CEST)
Upper Bracket - Quarter Finals
The Guard1 - 2OpTic Gaming

For this second day of quarter-finals, DRX faced Paper Rex. Both teams played very well and the games were close. Haven finished 13-10, Bind 13-8 and Ascent 13-8. However, despite some good performances from the Singaporean side, it was the Koreans who came out on top and qualified for the semi-finals.

The second match was between The Guard at OpTic Gaming, both teams came from North America. Icebox and Haven ended 13-7, respectively in favour of OpTic and The Guard. On Fracture, the final map, it was the OpTic Gaming players who came out on top and sealed the score 13-11 to secure their place in the semi-finals. Although it wasn't enough to win, it was a great performance by Sayaplayer, the Korean player from The Guard.

Day 7

16 April - 7pm (CEST)
Lower Bracket - Round 1
ZETA DIVISION2 - 1Team Liquid
16 April - 22:00 (CEST)
Lower Bracket - Round 1
Paper Rex2 - 0The Guard

This first lower bracket match was between ZETA DIVISION and Team Liquid. Both teams were relentless as a loss in this match would mean outright elimination from the competition. Fracture ended 13-7 in favour of the Japanese, and then Team Liquid took the lead again by winning Haven 13-4. Unfortunately, the Europeans were unable to withstand the aggressive onslaught of SugarZ3ro and Crow, and lost 13-7 on Split.

At the meeting Paper Rex against The Guard, the Singaporeans won against the Americans. They won Haven 13-10 and Split 13-8, keeping their place in the competition. The Guard were eliminated and finished 7-8.

Day 8

17 April - 7pm (CEST)
Upper Bracket - Semi-final
G2 Esports0 - 2LOUD
17 April - 22:00 (CEST)
Upper Bracket - Semi-final
DRX1 - 2OpTic Gaming

G2 Esports was the last European hope but the team was beaten by LOUD. The latter won 13-5 on Ascent and 13-11 on Breeze, sending their foes to the lower bracket. They thus qualified for the final of the Upper Bracket.

The second semi-final was between DRX and OpTic Gaming. The Koreans first won Ascent 13-8 and then lost 11-13 on Icebox and 13-15 on Split. They in turn move on to the lower bracket, while OpTic qualifies for the final of the Upper Bracket.

Day 9

18 April - 7pm (CEST)
Lower Bracket Round 2
18 April - 22:00 (CEST)
Lower Bracket Round 2
G2 Esports0 - 2Paper Rex

The first match of this 9th day of competition was between DRX and ZETA DIVISION. The first two maps were close, with the Japanese winning 13-11 on Icebox and the Koreans winning 13-10 on Ascent. However, the last map was carnage. ZETA were monstrous in defense and quickly sealed the score 13-4. DRX was thus eliminated from the competition.

The G2 Esports had one last chance to continue this Masters 1, but unfortunately they were eliminated by Paper Rex. The Indonesian team won the match 2-0 with 13-10 on Split and 13-7 on Bind. They will now face ZETA DIVISION on 22nd April in the semi-finals of the lower bracket.

Day 10

22 April - 7pm (CEST)
Upper Bracket - Final
LOUD2 - 1OpTic Gaming
22 April - 22:00 (CEST)
Lower Bracket - Semi-final

Day 11

23 April - 7pm (CEST)
Lower Bracket - Final
OpTic Gaming3 - 0ZETA DIVISION

Day 12

24 April - 7pm (CEST)
Grand Final
LOUD0 - 3OpTic Gaming

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