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The Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL teams and program

The Valorant tournament of the Grand Festival Gamingorganised by Intel and ESL, starts tomorrow! The Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL will bring together 4 French-speaking teams made up of French personalities and professional players. The captains, as well as the casters of this first weekend of competition were announced throughout the week on Twitter. Let's meet them!

Team Jbzz

Jbzz - AFFELAY9 - Blitzen - mshz - Dashh

Not only his muscles are awesome. Jbzz is an early CS:GO player who also played League of Legends, as well as Fortnite at Solary (a French webtv), before going solo on Valorant. He plays it daily on his Twitch channel where he deploys tons of energy to beat his opponents.

Team Mickalow

Mickalow - AzoX - LiptoNNN - Uzzziii - Nameless

There are those players who are good at all games, and there's Mickalow, who beats them on every one of them. This Vitality player combines good humour and talent in everything he does. While not the most assiduous player on Valorant, he's nonetheless an experienced competitor, expert in shooters.

Team Skyyart

Skyyart - bazy - Nokss - Kryw - Birdho

Valorant's brain. Skyyart uses his talent for mathematics and his taste for theorycrafting in each of his games. He's not afraid to spend dozens of hours figuring out the best angles for Sova's arrows. His methodical approach of the game allows him to surprise his opponents.

Team FeaFeaFea

fearoth - Bramz - HyP - LaAw - JiNKZ

Team FeaFeaFea is none other than the team that won the Occitanie Esport Valorant Cup, but with some replacements. This team, led by fearoth, former Ninjas in Pyjamas, is made up of talented players who are used to competition.

Each of these teams will meet in a group stage starting tomorrow, Saturday 14th November at 2pm. The matches will be played in BO3 for this stage. The top two teams at the end of this weekend qualify for the grand final, on 23rd November. With €10.000 at stake in this competition, there's no doubt that the teams will give their best to win.

The teams and the program of the Valorant Grand Invitational by INTEL - valorant esport grand festival intel invitational planing -

The matches of this first weekend will be commented by Lutti and Kiiper0ne, on the Grand Festival Gaming esports channel. These two personalities stand out as the French voices of Valorant. We can count on them to make us live every second of the competition.

We'll therefore be witnessing a fairly unique competition where the Francophone personalities of Valorant will be in the spotlight. You will find the best moments on the Mandatory.GG Twitter account, as well as recap articles of each day on our site.