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Valorant Cup: Day 1 Recap

The Valorant Cup of theOccitanie Esports took place this Sunday. French amateurs, personalities and professionals of Valorant came together in a tournament in double elimination format, and it was rich in actions! Let's take a look back on this first day of qualifiers.

A heterogeneous tournament

This French tournament gave players of all levels a real competitive experience. Of course, there was a lot of disparity between the teams of simple fans of Valorant and teams that included former Ignition Series players. The opening rounds were an opportunity to witness real demonstrations from the veterans, sometimes crushing the competition with a score of 13-0. They prove that Valorant is a difficult and demanding game.

Among the teams that stand out from the crown, we will of course note Team team FeaFeaFea. Behind this team name, as a tribute to late-HypHypHyp, we find fearoth, former Ninjas in Pyjamas player. They flew over the competition during the first three stages, before encountering a little resistance. The fourth round ended on a convincing victory against TimeToPlay, but the semi-final victory against L'Institut was harder to get.

In a kind of pre-hour final, the two teams traded tit for that until overtime. L'Institut dominated in combat score, but repeated clutches from Fearoth and Akukho made the difference. Team FeaFeaFea qualified for the final winner on a score of 14-12.

Public favourites, ROG Esports weren't unworthy either. They beat they first opponents on scores of 13-2, 13-2 and 13-5 before reaching the semi-finals against Opportunists. In this match, they started to show some weaknesses. It must be said that Opportunits is a very serious challenger on Valorant, the team having won a few tournaments. It was even on the verge of qualifying for the WePlay! Invitationnal, facing nolpenki. The ROG Esports team was thrown in the loser bracket, on a score of 6-13. The Team Opportunits will therefore meet FeaFeaFea for the Winner Final, Thursday 24th September.

Last chance matches

The loser bracket was of course more disputed. We found our two influencer teams there, those of ZeratoR and Jbzz. Both have had an acceptable course, but didn't manage to keep going for a long time.

Fatally, we found the best teams in the winner bracket who fell narrowly. The Institute may have lost against FeaFeaFea, they took revenge on Akademus Esports by beating them 13-3. Akademus Esports had struggled like hell, they had the misfortune of falling very early against FeaFeaFea at the start of the tournament and had a streak of 6 loser bracket wins before being finally eliminated.

Project SW has had a fairly similar journey. Eliminated early in the tournament, they chained wins in the loser bracket. They squarely hit 12PP INC with a 13-0 in the 6th round. In the 8th round, they ended ROG Esports' run on a 13-7.

In the last match of the day, Project SW and L'institut therefore met for a place in the loser final. Despite all of its merits, Project SW was unable to worry L'institut. LoWkii and koldamenta were imperial and didn't give their opponents a single chance. The match ended on a 13-6.

Final stages

We therefore know the 3 remaining teams in this tournament. The final winner will therefore oppose team FeaFeaFea in Opportunists. Two teams which showed an exceptional level of play. The match will be played Thursday 24th September at 8pm.

The loser of the match will meet L'Institut, just as convincing during the tournament. They will fight for a place in Grand Final on Friday 25th September at 8pm.

Both matches will be streamed and cast by Lutti and Kiiper0ne on ESL France's Twitch channel.

The Grand Finale will be played on Sunday 27th September at 5:30pm and will be cast by ZeratoR and Lutti.