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Valorant Cup: Back to the Loser Final

This third day of the Valorant Cup of theOccitanie Esports was dedicated to the Loser Bracket Final, the last stage before the Grand Final. The match was between team FeaFeaFea, who lost against the Opportunists in the Winner Final, and theInstitute. An expected return match, as the two teams faced each other in semi-final, resulting in the closest match ending on 14-12.

1st Match: Haven

Hostilities have started on Haven. team FeaFeaFea in defense ensure the pistol round, which allowed them to win the first two points. The serious things then started from the third round where the Institute came back in score before the teams started to trade tit for tat. At the change of side, the score was tied. A situation that was repeated on all the maps of the evening.

Once FeaFeaFea in attack, the pace of the game changed. Thanks to an Ace from Bramz in the second pistol round, the team got an advantage they have never lost again, despite some very nice actions from the Institut. FeaFeaFea played much more cautiously than in their game the day before again the Opportunists. Slow but sure progress, by eliminating the opponents one by one, even if it means entering the sites at the very last moment.

Throughout this match, it's the Killjoys of Jinkz andApo who set the pace for the teams. Their ultimates forced both sides to act hastily, putting tactics on the sideline and causing chaos at the various bomb sites. Aside from these timings, Bramz and LoWkii, both on Jett and with an Operator, were decisive. Rather than just watching the long open lines, they didn't hesitate to seek their opponents to overtake them and eliminate a few. But, finally, the Institut never managed to come back and FeaFeaFea won the first map.

2nd Match: Split

The second match was played on Split. The Institut negotiated its start very well, winning the first 5 rounds in Defense. Despite good performances from Bramz, the defenses held up well thanks to Apo and LoWkii who held the lines. FeaFeaFea then abandoned its strategy of entering the bomb sites from mid. A salutary change that has taken the Institut by surprise more than once. Bramz played the entry-fragger by dashing very aggressively on sites, while the Breach of LaAw and the Brimstone ofAkukho blurred all the opposing lines of sight. The Institut has never really succeeded in adapting to this method, pushing them to defend far too far behind. Once again, the teams were tied at the change of sides.

The game then took a different turn in the second half. As if in a state of grace, LoWkii began to chain incredible actions and kills at a frantic pace. His aggressiveness and the support provided by Ze1sh's Sage allowed him to undermine the defenses of FeaFeaFea on his own. Fearoth and JiNKZ were by no means unworthy, but they weren't on his level. The Institut conceded only one round in Attack and ended up winning the match on a 13-7. LoWkii finished with a score of 25 kills, including 12 first bloods.

3rd Match: Ascent

Everything was finally played on Ascent. The progress of the match on this map seemed to mirror the previous one: FeaFeaFea won the first 5 rounds of Attack before being losing its lead and ending on a tie on sides' switch. LoWkii, still on Jett, and beyAz, on Raze, were still in great shape, but didn't manage to make the difference to stop Fearoth. The latter began to play Odin regularly, spotting his opponents with his arrows or his drone before taken them down by firing through walls and smoke bombs. An unorthodox strategy, but one that worked throughout the game.

The second half of this round was just as tough as it was on Haven in the early evening. The teams started to trade tit for that again, the Jetts of Bramz and LoWkii performing deadly aerial ballets. But the real hero of this game was LaAw on Reyna who has cleverly bypassed the Institut many times and used his orbs to take the kill that mattered the most. On his side, Ze1sh seemed totally absent, unable to provide concrete support to his teammates.

FeaFeaFea ultimately won the game, not by dominating the fights but by managing its resources and timings much better. Where the Institut wass forced to dip into its savings and use its ultimates to survive, FeaFeaFea played it thrifty in order to win the most important rounds. Even if the Institut did come back, FeaFeaFea was always better prepared and equipped to prevent them from taking any lead.

We have our finalists

FeaFeaFea finally leaves the loser bracket and will have to face the Opportunists again. Hopefully, the Winner Final was just a bad spell, as Fearoth struggled to convince against the excellence of Takas and Logan.

The Grand Final will be played, this time, on a BO5 this Sunday 27th September at 5:30pm. The show will be provided by ZeratoR and Lutti on ESL France's Twitch channel.