Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Format and stages

The Valorant Champions Tour is the official competitive circuit of Valorant and it returns in 2022 for a second season. Throughout the year and across the world, teams will compete in various events. The goal? To secure a place in the world championship and to try to win the ultimate title.

As in the previous year, the Valorant Champions Tour is composed of Challengers, Masters and Champions. This format is the same for all teams, regardless of the region they play in.

The Valorant Challengers

The Challengers remain regional competitions. This year, there are two of them. To enter, teams will have to go through different stages. First of all, there is an Open Qualifier, which is open to everyone in all regions. Then, the teams that triumph during this qualifier will either go directly to the main event or will be forced to go through a second Closed Qualifier. The format changes according to the region, as does the number of places available for the main event.

Once the main event begins, the teams compete to determine which of them will qualify for the next stage: the Masters.

This pattern is the same for both phases of the year. The first phase takes place from February to March, and the second from May to June.

The Valorant Masters

The Valorant Masters are international tournaments of the circuit. They bring together the winners of the Challengers from each region. Participating in a Masters earns a certain number of championship points depending on the final ranking.

The teams with the most VCT points at the end of the year will qualify for the Valorant Champions. However, the winning team of the Masters 2 will directly win their place in the Champions, regardless of their points.

Once Masters 1 is over, teams will have to go through qualification stages again to participate in the Challengers of Phase 2.

The Last Chance Qualifier

The Last Chance Qualifier is aptly named, as it will allow teams from each server to have one last chance to qualify for the Valorant Champions. In each region, the winner of the LCQ earns a place in the Champions.

Depending on the region, the number of places for the LCQ varies, but the team that qualify are always those that have not had enough points throughout the season to compete directly for the Champions.

This year, it will take place in August.

The Valorant Champions

The Valorant Champions is thefinal event of the season, the world championship. Only the best teams can enter, the winners of the Masters and the Last Chance Qualifier from each region.

It will take place in September and will crown the best teams of the year.

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