Valiant wins the 2023 French Valorant Cup

Already good in the Challengers France, Valiant ended the season on a high. From the group stage to the Grand Final of the French CupSacake, NeskaaS, Jesse, polvi and Ambi were more than effective. In this final battle, they won the title of French Champions by crushing their opponents.

At of the Challengers FranceValiant were pretty good. In the first split, they made it all the way to the semi-finals, finishing in 3/4th place. In the next split, they only reached 5th/6th place, but still put in a good showing. Following this segment, they acquired a place in the 2023 French Cup.

The few changes made in the run-up to the competition proved to be judicious: Sacake, NeskaaS, Jesse, polvi and Ambi were all on fire! They finished top of Group B, with four wins and one defeat, including an impressive victory over All Aim. For the record, they won 13-0 in less than 30 minutes!

Their excellent performance earned them a place in the semi-finals. And there, they defeated the players from Cicadas Gaming to reach the Grand Final. Although they emerged victorious, it was not a foregone conclusion. On the contrary, this first semi-final was the scene of a fierce battle between the two qualifiers: it took no less than 5 maps to decide between them. With 89 kills and 32 assists, Jesse is no stranger to his team's success.

In the Final, Ambi, Sacake, Jesse, NeskaaS and Polvi were simply monstrous. In less time than it takes to write it, they crushed the Akroma players on Ascent - won 13 to 4 - before repeating the feat on Havenwon 13-6. The match ended with a third and final victory, 13-10, on Bind.

Once again, Jesse proved to be effective. However, he wasn't the star of the evening. Well, we should say the stars, because yes, NeskaaS and Polvi both made major contributions to their team's victory. The former had no fewer than 50 kills to his name by the end of the game and a rating of 1.41, while the latter had a total of 64 eliminations. So it's hardly surprising that he was voted MVP of the match.

Among all the crazy action they treated spectators to, Polvi's ace on Haven, and NeskaaS's on Bind are particularly noteworthy. We'll leave you to admire their talent!

Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close eye on Valiant during the next season of the Valorant Challengers League: France.