Valiant PBL reaches the podium at the Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023

After a superb run in the Red Bull Campus ClutchThe adventure comes to an end at the gates of the Final for the players from Valiant PBLwho represented France in the tournament. But despite everything, reach, Askoo, hAwks, soren and YoZeii still managed to finish 3/4th overall.

What is the Red Bull Campus Clutch?

Overall, the Red Bull Campus Clutch is to Valorant what the Big League is to League of Legends, but on a much larger scale. While the Grosse Ligue pits French university teams against each other, the Red Bull Campus Clutch takes place all over the world.

With each new edition, students first take part in various national qualifiers. The best-performing teams then compete in a final to decide who will represent their country at the World Final Stage. The aim of this competition is none other than to crown the best university team in the world!

Valiant PBL represented France

On 17 October last, reach, Askoo, hAwks, soren and YoZeii begin their run in the Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023. The university representatives of Valiant, which competes in the VCL alongside Mandatory, reached the final of the third Qualifier without too much difficulty. They beat their opponents 13-7.

And with that victory began a wonderful sporting adventure. At the National Final, the next stage in the circuit, they again defeated WEROLLIN - whom they had faced in the Qualifier final - before crushing Tenjiku to win the title. a place in the World Championship.

So the five friends flew to Istanbul to take on some of the thirty-four nations on site. In Group D, the French worked wondersbeating the Americans, the Guatemalans and the Romanians. Only the Indonesians managed to topple them. And let's face it, they showed some real talent, much to the delight of the fans. We'll leave you to admire this superb move by Soren.

Second in the group, reach and his cohorts have qualified for the play-offs. Against Slovakiatension rose a notch. Despite the efforts of FejkixFrance won 2-1 to stay in the bracket. In the quarter-finals, Valiant PBE took on Sweden's RETIREDGAMERS. It wasn't all plain sailing. f1co and Ale were very good - but once again, they proved solid enough to win.

A head full of dreams, reach, Askoo, hAwks, soren and YoZeii advanced to the semi-finals. At this stage, all they needed was a win to reach the final match. Unfortunately for them, the adventure came to an end after two maps. It has to be said that the Peruvians were monstrous. The performance of Xutojust as effective with his Jett as his Gekko.

Although they would probably have liked to lift the trophy, Askoo and her mates can be proud of their achievements. In the end, they finished 3/4th overallThey represented France with brio. Our hats are off to them!

The Final pits Zen Esportsthe Peruvian team, in GARUDArepresenting Indonesia. The match is underway, and at the time of writing the Indonesians are leading 1-0. If you want to find out live who the new World Champions will be, go to Red Bull Gaming's Twitch channel.