Vitality wins the VALOTF!

The Valorant Open Tour France adventure started 7 months ago, last May. This first French tour dedicated to Riot Games' FPS took place in 3 stages: Spring, Summer and Fall tournaments, in which a multitude of teams participated.

As a result of these different phases, 8 rosters qualified for the play-offs, which took place last week. After some intense semi-finals, Alliance and Team Vitality won their place for the ultimate final of the tournament!

A final full of twists and turns

The match started on Fracture... and what a start! kAdavraa, a Vitality player, simply set the tone by chaining four opponents before finishing the round on an ace ! Determined to win, the players of Vitality were efficient and won the first 4 rounds, taking a nice economic lead. They maintained this lead throughout the first half.

At the side change, Alliance only managed to outwit the Bees' attack twice. Despite the 10-2 score, Alliance came back to win their first two games. Finally, they managed to outwit the Vitality's defense three times in the next five rounds. The tension was felt as the gap in the score was reduced. Unfortunately for Alliance, Vitality, carried by kAdavraa (KDA 22/11/1), did not give up and concluded this first map with a final score of 13-7.

The two teams then faced each other on Ascent, map chosen by Alliance; the stats were in favour of the latter with 71% of victories against 59% for Vitality. Badly treated at the beginning of the game on Fracture, Alliance shows itself very solid during attack phase: after 7 rounds, Vitality was down 6-1. The Bees didn't give up though, on the contrary, and went on to win 4 rounds in a row. At the end of this first game, the two teams are finally neck and neck, 7-5, with a slight lead for Alliance.

The game got more intense as the rounds went on. Both sides put on an incredible show, with a 3K of ShadoW in the 9-7 round, a LukeRRR who achieved a 4K with a Sheriff during an eco round or a Fearoth who finished with a superb KDA of 27/12/5. In the 20th round, the two rosters were tied; Vitality didn't manage to regain the upper hand and finally lost 10 to 13. Alliance won this second map.

The match continued on Vitality's pick, Breeze, a map they mastered more than their opponents with a 67% win rate against 50%. Vitality was more than determined to win on this one and only conceded three rounds during the attack phase, finishing on a comfortable 9-3. During this phase, ShadoW once again distinguished himself in a clutch with only 8 HP, going for the 5th kill for an ACE!

The second half saw a real comeback by the Alliance players. Led 11 to 4, they broke down the opponent's defense and sowed doubt in Vitality's mind until the end, going up 9-12. The players of Vitality were able to keep their heads in this moment of pressure and eventually defuse the spike one last time after taking out all opponents. At this point, the team led 2 to 1 overall.

It was finally on Icebox that the match ended. Everything started well for Alliance: in the second round, SEIDER gave his team the victory with a magnificent ACE. Alliance took the upper hand and led 4-1 before being caught up. Vitality gradually came back. A race for victory began! The teams followed each other and found themselves tied at the side change. On the defensive side, the Bees were relentless and eventually took the upper hand over their opponents. After 22 rounds, Vitality won the map on a score of 13-9 and consequently this final!


Tonight, both rosters fought with determination and showed the extent of their talent in order to win the title of Best French Valorant Team 2021. After a furious BO5, Vitality players finally won with a final score of 3 maps to 1. This third meeting between the two teams signs the supremacy of Vitality, already victorious of the two previous confrontations.

The VALOTF is now over. The whole Mandatory team thanks you for following the competition!