VALOTF: Le Tour de Chauffe, second edition!

The spring tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France ended with the victory of Mégastitut. From now on, it's time for the second stage of the VALOTF, the Summer Tournament! 

The Valorant Open Tour France is the official French circuit of Valorant. The second tournament of the competition takes place from 19th June to 4th July during the Lyon e-Sport and registration is open until 14th June, so don't hesitate to try your luck!

For the occasion, Kiiper0ne and Suriplay present you a second edition of the Tour de Chauffe. It will be broadcast this Thursday 10th June at 8pm on Kiiper0ne's Twitch channel ! This evening will allow us to remind you about the format of the yearly tournament as well as to detail the Summer Tournament at the Lyon e-Sport and the changes linked to this stage of the VALOTF.

You will also find an interview of Rodolphe " rodeN " Bianco, captain of the Team BDS, who will talk to us about his feedback on the Spring Tournament, his expectations for the Summer Tournament and his preparation for this second stage of the VALOTF!

Because a Tour de Chauffe can't end without a game, there will be a showmatch between Team Kiiper0ne and Team Suriplay! You will have the opportunity to be part of their team by going to the Discord server of Mandatory, in the channel #le-tour-de-chauffe.

Once again, we invite you to join us on the Twitch channel of Kiiper0ne this Thursday 10th June at 8pm!