Valorant Open Tour France – Play-offs

Here we are! After almost a year of confrontations, the final tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France is finally here! The 8 best French teams will meet in a final single elimination bracket. Who will be the Valorant French Champion 2021?

Programme of the Valorant Open Tour France

The Valorant Open Tour France will take place on Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st and Saturday 27th November 2021. The whole tournament will be broadcasted and commented on our Twitch channel: Mandatorygg.

  • Saturday 20th November, 12pm: Beginning of quarter-finals – BO3 matches
  • Sunday 21st November, 2pm: Beginning of semi-finals – BO5 matches
  • Saturday 27th November, 7pm: Grand Final – BO5 match

Qualified teams

No logo

Last Dance

BDS logo

Team BDS

Vitality logo

Team Vitality

Alliance logo


Miracles logo

Team Miracles

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No logo

New World

Tournament Bracket

Final Tournament Bracket
Final Tournament Bracket