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The best-of clips of the Valorant Open Tour France!

The spring tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France ended this weekend! Megastitut won the competition and secured their place in the final tournament of the VALOTF. Today, we offer you a selection of the best clips of the competition! best clips of the competition!

Jesmund's Triple kill

We start this best-of with the quarter final between BDS and Vitality ! On Split, Jesmund manages a double kill through the enemy Viper's toxic screen and then eliminates Raze, making the spike fall in her fall.

Blitzen's turnaround

The encounter between Entropiq and Yendez in round 4 of the loser bracket was colourful from the start! Here, while things started well for Entropiq with Taimou and his triple kill, Yendez finally won the round thanks to Blitzen who made a double kill with Operator! 

2 bullets = 2 kills for Memset

Also in the same match, Memset made a name for himself by finishing a round with this superb double kill with only 2 bullets.

Megastitut's teamplay

The semi-final between Vitality and Megastitut was a great game! Megastitut particularly stood out thanks to their teamplay and exemplary retakes, as seen here with Goaster and Shin who picked together to finish the job after Newzera's triple kill.

He did iiiiiiiit! Oh, wait

VALOTF is also about rounds that are so close that it creates confusion for the caster. Here, our dear Zerator and Kiiper0ne thought that B1ggy managed to defuse the spike when... "he didn't do it at all".

B1ggy's quadra kill

On Haven, B1ggy was very solid, especially with this quadra kill which allowed Excel to win the round despite Shin's triple kill which had put Megastitut on a good track.

Vakk's flashes

During the 7th round of the lower bracket, Vakk was a real wall on Split with his Breach! During this action, he flashes his opponents multiple times and eliminates all the Entropiq with the help of Jesmund.

Bramz's in extremis defuse

On Bind, Vitality were imperial. Here, Bramz wins his 1v1 and manages to defuse the spike in extremis!

Davidp's 1v2

The last day of the VALOTF Spring Tournament started with the loser bracket final opposing Team Vitality to Excel. This match was very close and offered us some very nice actions, especially from Davidp who succeeded in 1v2 and prevented Vitality to conclude the map!

Honeybee the clutch master

After several weeks of competition, we finally arrived at the grand final determining the best French Valorant team! This last one opposed Excel to Megastitut. For Excel, Honeybee was the best in 1v2!

Teamwork wins

In the end, Megastitut won the final, notably thanks to some fabulous collective actions like here where Goaster and Shin watch over each other and win the round.

This best-of ends there! Congratulations again to the teams who participated, and thanks to those who followed the tournament online our Twitch channel ! We can't wait to get back to the competition with the Summer Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France!