The best-of clips of the Summer Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France!

The Summer Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France ended last night with the victory of Team BDS ! Following this intense weekend of competition, we offer you a best-of of the best clips of the tournament!

Maadnezs' Ace

We start this best-of with a bang! During the Swiss rounds, Maadnezs (Pleure en Silence) made this nice Ace against Que La Famille. He starts by killing the Jett and then gets back on track and successively eliminates 4 of his last opponents.

NyzoR's Clutch

During the 16th of the Upper Final between Team Oplon and Zinzins de l'espace, NyzoR (Team Oplon) made a superb clutch on his Sova and finishes at 9 health points!

Fearoth, devastating in the pistol round

You didn't have to be late to watch the quarter final between Alliance and MTP Esport. From the very first round, Fearoth got rid of 4 opponents in a row with a Ghost, even if it wasn't enough to win.

IncoGnito's Clutch Ace

The lower bracket also had some incredible action, including this Clutch Ace peformed by IncoGnito for Bibi Gucci against Yendez in round 4!

Aegis Double Kill

Summer Tournament means summer, and summer means skewers! Aegis (BK ROG) offers us a very nice one during the semi-final against Team BDS.

Don't count your chickens before they're hatched !

You should never announce the result of a round before the end of it! The proof with hoppY (BDS) who clutched while Suriplay announced him dead at the cast.

Goaster 200IQ

Goaster proved to be very smart during the Winner Final against Team BDS! Here, he discreetly follows the Killjoy and positions himself to secure a double kill in seconds without getting killed.

Fearoth + Marshall = Win

Alliance and MTP Esport met a second time during the 7th round of the Lower Bracket, and once again, Fearoth was destructive with this Ace with Marshall !

A very solid Killu

Killu is undoubtedly one of the players who stood out during this tournament. Here, after a great job by NRK who does a double, Killu kills Sova, dashes in, finishes the Killjoy and wins the round!

Team BDS wins

The Grand Final was a second clash between Megastitut and Team BDS. Team BDS finally won 3-1! The game on Split was particularly close especially with this action where AKUMAAAAA managed to kill Shin in-extremis before he finished defusing the Spike. 

This is the end of this best-of of the VALOTF Summer Tournament. Congratulations to all the teams, congratulations to Team BDS and thanks to those who followed the tournament live on our Twitch channel ! Next step: the Fall Tournament, also called the Last Chance. See you soon!