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The best-of clips of the Valorant Open Tour France Fall Tournament!

The Fall Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France ended with the victory for Team Vitality ! Following this intense weekend of competition, we offer you a best-of of the best clips of the tournament!

ceNder's triple kill

During the second round of the Swiss rounds, ceNder (VIT) decides to send his drone to get information on the position of the last three living webSPELL players. After a quick peek, he starts to headshot without giving his opponents time to reply.

SoOn's Clutch

Relegated to the lower bracket after a loss to Alliance, SoOn (BSR) had not said his last word! As the last survivor of his team and with the round looming in favour of Beverly Hills, he decided to take the lead to turn the tables.

4 kills and 10 HP

If you're low life, you might as well go for it all! This is surely what Swarred (TET), armed with his sheriff, told himself when he made a magnificent quadrakill while his life was hanging by a thread.

Alone against all

While facing Vitality in the final, pyahpyah (LD) found himself alone against four players. If he managed to kill three of them, the fourth one was fatal and prevented the player from winning the round.

A fatal Ultimate

A Viper ultimate will have been enough for ceNder (VIT) to deceive the vigilance of his enemies and then eliminate them one by one.

Goaster's revenge

Coming to avenge his fallen teammates, Goaster (LD) makes a triple kill, defuses the spike and gives his team the round.

Shin VS vakk

In the Grand Final, vakk (VIT) tries to close the round. The last living player of his team, he eliminates APO (LD) and HyP (LD), before facing Shin (LD). The victory could have been his if his grenade had not exploded half a second too late.

This is the end of this best-of of the VALOTF Fall Tournament. Congratulations to all the teams, congratulations to Team Vitality and thanks to those who followed the tournament live on our Twitch channel ! Next step: the final tournament, where the 8 best qualified teams will compete for the title of French Champion. See you soon!