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The best-of clips of the final tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France!

After more than 7 months of competition, Vitality won the Valorant Open Tour France ! This last tournament was full of great actions and we were pleased to compile all this in a dedicated best-of!

Goaster alone against all

Goaster, alone on the site and completely blocked by three of his opponents, manages to eliminate them in turn and thus offers the round to his team.

Fearoth's clutch

With only himself left to face Vbbooy, Fearoth fired a Shock Bolt to prevent his opponent from defusing the Spike. A perfect clutch when his team was about to lose the round.


Is the team about to lose the round? No problem, you can count on Lightning to rectify the situation. He makes an impressive quadrakill here and wins his 1v1 against Ridder.

Hide and seek in the stars

There is nothing better than an Astra star to hide and wait quietly for the enemies to pass and eliminate them. In any case, it is not logaNNNN who will say the opposite.

Hype and Zik's Ace

There is strength in numbers in Valorant! The proof is in the pudding with Hype and Zik who manage to eliminate all the Last Dances and win the round.

The unlikely victory

Imagine, you are the only survivor of the team, the team is counting on you to prevent the opponents from defusing the Spike. You throw a grenade, it misses its target... and it's victory for the enemies! Unfortunately, this is what happened to logaNNNN, who missed his Snake Bite ability, giving Vitality a place in the final.

ShadoW the ninja

Sneaking behind enemy lines is something ShadoW knows how to do well. Taking advantage of a broken window, he slips behind the Alliance players and achieves his most beautiful triplekill.

Zik the monster

4v2 in favour of Vitality, the set seemed to be on its way to them. But Zik cleaned up the opposition's lines and gave his team the win.

We are coming to the end of this best-of of the VALOTF final tournament! Congratulations to all the teams and thank you to those who followed the tournament live on our Twitch channel during the different stages of the tournament!