Team Vitality wins the Fall Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France

The Fall Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France ended this weekend with a great victory for Team Vitality, in the Grand Final against Last Dance !

The last week, we learned the names of the teams that had qualified for the rest of the Open Tour. BK ROG would face Alliance in the loser bracket, while Last Dance would face Team Vitality in the winner's bracket final.

V for Victory

After falling to Last Dance in the upper bracket final, the bees of Team Vitality fell in Lower Bracket, but did not let it get them down. Directly qualified for the final, the players faced Alliance, who came out on top in their BO3 against BK ROG.

The match between the two teams was short-lived, with Vitality absolutely dominating Alliance. The latter, trailing 12-4 in the first set on Ascent, managed to pull out a few more rounds, but ended up losing 13-9. The second match, played on Icebox, was quickly led by Alliance. However, this was not enough, as Vitality managed to get back into the game, and finally sealed the match with a score of 13-11.

This victory in the lower bracket allowed our bees to return to the upper bracket for the Grand Final. Determined to take their revenge, the players of Vitality gave no chance to their opponent, Last Dance, against whom they had lost the day before. The match was played in three sets, all of which went in favour of the French team.

The first map, Ascent, chosen by Last Dance, did not work for them and ended in 13-8. The players were less aggressive than in their previous games, and came up against a vakk that was better than ever on his Jett

On Bind, the face-off between the two teams was much closer than on Ascent. However, Team Vitality once again came out on top, closing the match at 13-11. The Lithuanian duo vakk/Cender, respectively on Raze and Viper, paid off as both players were absolutely monstrous throughout the map.

Fracture was Last Dance's chance to regain the upper hand over the bees. Playing Breach, one of his signature picks, HyP was not able to make a difference in the third and final set. This one ends on the score of 13-10 in favour of Team Vitality.

Congratulations to Vitality for winning the Fall edition of the Valorant Open Tour France 2021!