Qualified teams for the Valorant Open Tour France

After months of competition and three very competitive qualifying tournaments, we now know the 8 teams that will participate in the Valorant Open Tour France and fight for the title of Valorant French Champions!

The Final Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France will take place on 20th, 21st, 27th November 2021. You will be able to follow it on Mandatory's channel. It will be a direct elimination tournament where the slightest mistake will be paid for dearly!

The participating teams have all been successful in the Spring, Summer or Fall tournaments. However, don't be surprised if you don't find some of the finalists teams from these tournaments, they couldn't make it to the championship for various reasons. Some simply cannot make themselves available, others have split up since their qualification.


Megastitut logo

Megastitut is one of the great figures of the Valorant Open Tour France! The team qualified as soon as the Spring Tournament by winning all their matches. They were also finalists in the Summer Tournament, but fell to Team BDS. For this final tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France, the players of Mesgastitut and Last Dance, who also had a slot, decided to merge their numbers. We can't wait to see the result!

Team BDS

BDS logo

As mentioned above, Team BDS won the Summer tournament. With this qualification, they did not participate in the Fall tournament to concentrate on other international objectives. They will nevertheless be present to compete for the title of French Champions.

Team Vitality

Vitality logo

The Vitality bees won the Fall tournament, last weekend. The team had actually already qualified thanks to their performances in previous tournaments, but it's nevertheless reassuring to see that their efforts have finally paid off. As the latest winners of a Valorant Open Tour France tournament, they are favourites to win.

Team Alliance

Alliance logo

Despite an extremely complicated start on the French circuit, Team Alliance managed to reach fourth and third place in the Summer and Fall tournaments. They are a strong team, which should not be underestimated in the play-offs.


Qualified Teams for the Valorant Open Tour France - valorant opentourfrance miracle finals -

If the name "Miracles" doesn't ring a bell, you may know them better as MTP Esports. Although the organisation has ended its adventure on Valorant, the players have stayed together and continue to participate in the various competitions. This is how they were able to keep their well-deserved place in this final tournament, won during the Summer tournament.


Stunned5 logo

They came out of nowhere in the Fall tournament, but won match after match, becoming the only undefeated team in the Swiss rounds. Stunned5 unfortunately stumbled against Last Dance in the quarter-finals and then against Alliance in the lower bracket, but their stunts were enough to secure a place in the final tournament.


BK ROG logo

BK ROG represents the new Asus ROG organisation after the closure of ROG Esports. This new team, formerly known as keepYOURskill has participated in all the qualifying tournaments of the Open Tour France. They made it to the semi-finals in the Summer tournament and the lower semi-finals in the Fall tournament.

New World

No logo

New World is one of the underdog teams that did well enough in the Fall tournament to make it to the final tournament. This mix of players brings together talents from French teams, like Yendez, BDS or MTP esports. A combination of talents that could surprise.

See you in about ten days for the launch of the final stage of the Valorant Open Tour France 2021!