Open Tour France: Teams to keep an eye on!

The Valorant Open Tour France starts on Saturday! This tournament will see the best French-speaking teams of the Valorant scene compete. For the occasion, we have prepared a non-exhaustive list of teams that can make the difference during the competition.

Open Tour France : Les équipes à surveiller ! - Vitality Logo - Team Vitality

The Team Vitality is a French organisation launched on Valorant in early 2021. It had a difficult start, failing to qualify for any of the Phase 1 Challengers. However, following the recruitment of LoWkii and Jesmund, the team recovered and achieved a 3-4th place in the Phase 2 Challengers 2.

Vitality has every chance of going far in the competition and proving their worth!

Open Tour France : Les équipes à surveiller ! - Alliance Logo - Alliance

Alliance is a team with a proven track record. Within this team are Fearoth, the captain, and Luckerrr, both former HyP teammates at Ninjas in Pyjamas. The team also welcomes xms, a former CS:GO professional who transitioned to Valorant in early 2021.

During the Valorant Champions Tour, Alliance won Challengers 2 in Phase 1, qualifying for the Masters 1. In Phase 2, they qualified for the Challengers but were eliminated early. The Valorant Open Tour France will be an opportunity for them to get back on track. 

Open Tour France : Les équipes à surveiller ! - Entropiq Logo - Entropiq

The Entropiq team has 3 French players: HyP, APO and LaAw. The team has a good level but is still struggling to beat the big European organisations. They narrowly failed to qualify for Challengers 3 in Phase 1, losing to Guild Esports.

However, the Entropiq clearly have the ability to stand out on the French scene, so they should be watched very closely.

Open Tour France : Les équipes à surveiller ! - BDS Logo - BDS

The BDS are the former DfuseTeam and Opportunists. It was the French team that created the surprise and won in the last tournaments of the VCT Phase 1. In the first Masters, the team was only two rounds away from qualifying for the EMEA Challengers.

This 100% French team really has potential and should shine during the Valorant Open Tour France!

Open Tour France : Les équipes à surveiller ! - - EXCEL

EXCEL is the new team led by Davidp, former player of G2 Esports during its golden age. Although the team has not yet participated in the VCT finals, it can still count on some of its players like Happy and Honeybee who have experience in this competition and will be able to help their team.

The Valorant Open Tour France will be an opportunity for them to prove what they are capable of before perhaps entering the next phase of the VCT.

Open Tour France : Les équipes à surveiller ! - Yendez Logo 2 - Yendez

Yendez is the former team of Jbzz, very well ranked on the Valorant ladder. They could really surprise us during the competition. They have a revenge on Edelweiss Esports, who eliminated them in the round of 32 of the Challengers 2 in the VCT Phase 1.

Open Tour France : Les équipes à surveiller ! - BallistaEsports Logo - Ballista

Ballista is the only team on the Valorant Open Tour France without French speakers. It's entitled to participate in the competition because it was present at the Masters 1.

It's an ultra aggressive team, with an American style based on 3 duelists. Thanks to this composition, they managed to surprise everyone at the end of Phase 1, during the Challengers 3 and the Masters. It remains to be seen how they will adapt to the French teams.

Bibi and his friends

Bibi and his friends is the team of Jbzz, Kenny and MoMaN, 3 influencers who have a good level! Accompanied by Bibi and Alonzb, they'll be able to show us some good gameplay, and why not reach the final stages of the tournament.

It will be interesting to follow them live on their channels, especially during the first weekend of the competition.

Open Tour France : Les équipes à surveiller ! - EdelweissEsports Logo - Edelweiss Esports

Edelweiss Esports is a Swiss organisation whose Valorant players are former ROG Academy players, with the difference that Uzzziii has been replaced by PetitSkel, former HypHypHyp player. 

The team has already played against big organisations like Acend and is very well placed on the ladder. They are not lacking in motivation and will give their all to go far in the Valorant Open Tour France.


The team Mégastitut is a mix between Megakich, represented by Goaster, SHIN and Newzera, and L’Institut, represented by iDex and keloqz. Both teams have participated in the Challengers EU and are therefore already familiar with the competition.

Combining two teams may seem complicated, but if it works, Megastitut should have great things to show us during the Valorant Open Tour France. So keep an eye on them!

Obviously, all the teams can win in the Valorant Open Tour France. We are looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. The small teams can beat the big ones, and the games will be great!

The Valorant Open Tour France starts this Saturday at 1pm. As the first weekend of competition is not broadcast on Mandatory, you can follow the player's personal POVs.