Open Tour France - Summer Tournament: Recap Week 2

The Summer Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France is in full swing! The second weekend being over, we now know the 4 teams that will compete on Saturday for a place in the final of the upper bracket. Back to two days of competition!

Expeditious 16th and 8th

The weekend started with the round of 16 of the upper bracket. There were no real surprises in this part of the tournament and the majority of the matches ended 2-0, with some no matches. Megastitut won 13-3 twice against Stuvérance Esport and BK ROG Esports beat Deviance 13-0 twice! We also saw some big overtime games with Bieber4Ever and Helios Gaming ending 21 – 19 on Bind!

Things were settled even more quickly in the 8th, with all the matches being played in just 2 maps, with the exception of the match between Yendez and SALOH. The two teams had to split after being neutralized on Breeze (13-11) and Icebox (10-13). Yendez finally qualified for the quarter finals by winning Ascent 13-5.

Megastitut was particularly efficient on Icebox against Free Sign, with a 13-2 victory and a devastating iDex. The same goes for BK ROG Esports, who made short work of Need4Food 13-4 on Split and 13-8 on Haven.

More competitive quarter-finals

The quarter-finals promised to be a great battle. Megastitut won with some difficulty, with Edelweiss pumped up, going into overtime twice and finally losing to the champions of the Spring Tournament.

The match between Alliance and MTP Esports was even closer. The match started in MTP's favour with a 14-12 win on Haven, before Alliance came back to win Split (13-11). In the end, everything turned on Ascent and MTP won the map 13-9, knocking Alliance in the lower bracket!

On the side of BK ROG Esports, things were a little easier with Split and Bind under control, giving them the win over Vacuumers despite a 13-11 defeat on Icebox.

Finally, Team BDS defeated Yendez in 3 maps, losing 13-7 on Breeze but winning easily on Icebox and Split.

Lower bracket: Yendez loses

After the first four rounds of the lower bracket, several big teams have already had to leave the tournament. Vacuumers and Yendez, for example, stopped in round 4, allowing Bibi gucci and Free Sign to continue their journey in the lower bracket.

As for Edelweiss Esports and Alliance, both teams did not flinch from their losses in the upper bracket and their defeat in the upper backet, and respectively won 2-0 and 2-1 against their opponents and qualify for the 5th round.

Following this weekend of competition, we now know the two semi-final line-ups for the Valorant Open Tour France Summer Tournament! On one side, we'll have Team BDS facing BK ROG Esports and on the other side MTP Esports facing Megastitut. The lower bracket will also have its heated matches, notably with Edelweiss Esports facing Alliance!

To follow these matches live and commented by ZeratoR, Lutti, SuriPlay and Kiiper0ne, see you from 11am on Saturday on the Twitch channel of Mandatory !