Open Tour France - Summer Tournament: Recap Week 1

The Summer Tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France started this weekend! This new stage of the French circuit sees 126 teams competing for a chance to play the French Championships. Back to an exciting first week.

BDS, still on top?

This Summer Tournament started with a new series of Swiss rounds! All teams played 7 games and the 32 teams with the most games won qualified for the rest of the competition.

Once again, Team BDS made everyone see eye to eye during this first stage. It was the only team not to lose any match. However, there was a lot of opposition, since the organisation had to face, among others, the winners of the Spring Tournament, Mégastitut. They beat them without too much trouble (13-6) and even had more difficulties against another Swiss organisation, Edelweiss Esports.

That being said, we remember BDS's flawless performance in the Spring Tournament, before falling in the loser bracket early on in the final bracket. Hopefully, they will be able to set things right this time.

The best of the bunch

Regarding Mégastitut, the former champions only lost their game against BDS. The other games were clear wins in most cases. This is also the case for most of the top teams. In the case of Alliance, who only lost to... Mégastitut, outplayed most of their opponents, with two 13-1 and 13-2. Edelweiss Esports went 13-2 and 13-3. Other top teams included Yendez, MT Esports, BK ROG, and Vacuumers.

One rung lower, with two defeats, are names already seen in the previous edition. Bibi gucci is one of the teams that suffered a 13-2 defeat from Edelweiss, but they were also surprised by Failen9. There is also FC Pat Patrouille, which we don't know much about, except that they have a great name, and which had already reached the second stage of the Spring Tournament.

As for the rest, they are mostly new faces at this level of the competition. This means that the rest of the tournament will offer us a lot of new and interesting matches!

The beginning of the Double Bracket

Competition resumes on Saturday, with the start of the double elimination bracket. Which teams will have enough talent and abnegation to reach the final stages at Lyon Esports? You will be able to find out from 1pm on the Twitch channel of Mandatory !